People Divulge The Worst Thing They've Ever Done In The Heat Of The Moment
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Sometimes our demons will get the better of us.

Rage and emotion will often lead to a hysteric choice.

So when these moments arise we have to learn self-soothing methods.

Because not matter the cause of the behavior, there is always going to be consequences to actions.

We can't undo life.

It may feel good to unleash hell fire and all that, but... five minutes later.

You're cleaning up debris.

RedditorBitter_Chapter1798wanted everyone to fess up about the times they were shocked by their own bad behavior.

They asked:

"What’s the worst thing you’ve done in the heat of the moment?"

This topic is an issue I can relate too. I have some bad behavior, heat of the moment issues. Clearly, we all do.


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"I used to go to the gym and sneak into the health suite (sauna, steam room, hot tub) without paying. Got busted and had to pay on the way out. Manager was nice and said 'look… just pay next time ok?' I said 'I won’t get caught next time.'"

"She said 'consider your membership cancelled.'"


Ashy Thief

"Childhood friend died and I was about 20. He liked my drawings, so I wrote him a goodbye letter on the back of one of my drawings. He had been cremated, and I found myself alone in a room with the urn, so I opened it up. His ashes were in a bag, so I stuffed the drawing/letter down alongside the bag, thinking that way I could hide it from his family."

"When I did that, the bag ripped and I got his ashes all over my hands. I brushed off what I could into the urn but had to wash some of him down the sink. It was awful and I’m still guilty about it decades later."


So close...

"My parents were tailors and they used to do a lot of work from home. They had really big, heavy metal scissors they used to use. I was very young. Under 10 for sure. My older brother did something to piss me off. I grabbed the scissor near me and threw it at him. It missed his eyes by a small fraction. He went ballistic on why would I do something like this. 25+ years later the memory still makes me sad how close I was to seriously injuring or killing my brother."


Window Treatment

"I didn’t do it but it happened near me. I was working construction one summer, and the 'veteran' guy working with me got into a fight with the foreman and came back to the floor we were working on all pissed off, kicking things around. We were up on the 4th floor, and windows hadn’t gone in yet. He picks up a huge level and flings it out the window, and about 5 seconds later says 'F**k! That was mine.'"


Don't Throw

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"I was probably 10-12 hanging out with the neighborhood kids one being a few years younger."

"He was being annoying as hell and wouldn’t stop so after a few minutes of constant annoyance I threw my scooter at him… hitting his head. No serious injuries but he needed a few stitches. I knew I messed up the instant the scooter left my hands."


Wow, people really have some behavior issues. I'm not alone.

Damn FB

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"Back in college it was the first week at a new school and I was on my computer waiting for my evening class to start. Someone asked if they could use my computer to log into their student account to see where their class was."

"I let them do it and had my Facebook account open in the other tab. They updated my Facebook status to something VERY racist thinking they were funny, but forgot to close out of their school account. Once I figured out what they did (thanks to a FURIOUS phone call from my mother) I used their account to drop all of the classes they signed up for."


Said what I said...

"I was being lightly scolded by my boss, and instead of rolling with it, I got pissed and told him 'you know what, suck my d**k' and left. I was not in a financial situation to quit at the time, and regretted my decision the entire elevator ride out of there, but looking back now it's easy to say 'worth it.'"


Dig Deeper

"When I was 18 I got a job in excavation. I was learning how to dig with a trackhoe. Fast forward a year. And I’m still learning the tricks. My boss screamed at me for parking the work truck in the wrong place. Then told me either I need to learn to dig faster and better or find a new job. Well I said forget it. And I started digging fast as I could. And then, I found the freaking city water main."


In his face...

"I was a teenager, I was helping my family clear out our basement, sorting old clothes and toys to donate or dispose off. Me and me and my brother are horsing around when I spot an absolutely ancient water gun. I pick it up swiping away cobwebs and what do you know water is sloshing around the reservoir, so I pump it a couple times and spray my little brother directly in his face."

"He screams instantly and not the fun haha you sprayed me with water scream. The water smells like mold and death, it's left over from the last time we played with the guns which was years ago. He gets a bacterial infection in both eyes, cycles antibiotics and comes away from it whole. I catch crap about this at every family gathering and will until one of us dies."



Judge Joe Brown GIFGiphy

"Told the judge, 'Gimmie your best shot.'"

"10 added days for contempt of court."


Life lesson: Next time... be calm, think first.

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