"How did they get away with that?", one might ask about something they witnessed a person did they thought was contemptible.

But the neighborhood watchdog would be in for a rude awakening after discovering the very thing they had strong objections to was perfectly legal.

What are such examples of these questionable practices?

Fortunately for us, we got some sobering instances from strangers online after Redditor Drex678 asked:

"What is immoral but legal?"

No wonder there's so much drama in the courtroom.

Sneaky Tactic

"Tying up court cases for years because you can outspend the other party."

– snykun

Making A Case Out Of Spite

"Related is suing to punish someone knowing that the law does not support you."

– mechanab

The System

"Allowing a system where that strategy pays."

– Credible333

We are often led to believe one thing or another. Who do you trust?

Alternative Facts

"Lying on the news."

– bivalve_connoisseur

"I'll add to this ... instead of stating facts ... stating an opinion on facts."

"Like instead of saying 'The President raised taxes on gas' you say 'Once again, President Shmudly has stuck it to the little guy by raising the price of gas to the applause of his oil baron friends.'"

"Like just tell us the facts and let us decide what to think of it."

– ClownfishSoup

Retail Ploy

"selling me a frying pan with lifetime guarantee and it only lasting 6 months."

– AnotherDumbB*tch

What It Really Means

"'Lifetime guarantees' are intended to be for the reasonable lifetime of the product, not your lifetime. I think this isn't ever made clear enough."

"I am that girl who recently took a Tefal frying pan back to a store because the nonstick coating peeled off. I got a replacement in the end, but you know what they tried to convince me? That I shouldn't let the pan get too hot. Just use it on low. A FRYING PAN. 🤣"

"Edit to add: Yes I do use both stainless steel and cast iron in the kitchen. We have one Teflon pan for eggs and it is unreasonable to only use a pan on the lowest setting. Obviously I wouldn't fry a steak in it! (Who the f'k can afford red meat anymore am I right??)"

– Box-Weasel

Gym memberships are something else.

Contract With The Devil

"Difficult to cancel gym subscriptions."

– cakemixtiger

Jumping Through Hoops

"I tried to cancel a membership well after the amount of time I signed on to be a member for so I wasn't breaking a contract. I had to write multiple letters and make multiple phone calls then got charged a random $200+ fee that I called customer service for. The woman who I talked to was actually really nice and couldn't figure out why I was getting the random fee (didn't have to pay it) and apologized to me for all the hoops I had to jump through. She probably didn't last long at that job but it was nice to talk to someone who didn't have an attitude and make me feel awful for canceling a membership. Also, i have a theory the random fee was probably a dick move on their part because my last letter stated I would get a lawyer involved if they continued to charge me because I wasn't breaking a contract."

– UltraDucks895

The Added Insult

"When I found out i was pregnant with twins i called to cancel my membership and they told me i had to go in to cancel. So i went in and the guy working there told me to hold on and went to grab someone else who worked there. He started interogating me and when I told him I was pregnant, I'll never forget what he said, 'Well after you have the baby you're going to need to lose the baby weight. We can put your membership on hold' I almost slapped the sh*t out of him."

– TwinMamaRnR

The Ridiculous Accusation

"I had an issue with any time fitness. I was sick with COVID and my lungs were f'ked so I didnt go for like a month. Got a call from the owner or manager not sure who he was call me and say 'we noticed you havent been in lately. Not sure if its just you being lazy or-' I cut him off and told him I don't owe him an explanation and told him to cancel my membership. Told me to come in person if I wanted to cancel during staffed hours which I told him was impossible due to my work schedule. He basically told me too bad that's the only way theyll stop charging me the monthly fee. I hung up on him before I tore him a new one, told my bank I lost my card that they were charging it to, got sent a new one, blocked every number they tried calling me from. Haven't heard anything since and this was like a year ago 🤷🏻♀️"

– ahgasearmy

There is corruption all around us, but people turn a blind eye to them.

Politicians Get Away With Everything

"Apparently insider trading if you're a politician."

– jbase1775

For Show

"Child beauty pagents."

– EnigmaCA

"It's creepy as hell. Talent shows and spelling bees are cool, but grown a** adults judging which kid looks the best? Nah."

– kindchains

Celebrity Exploitation

"Paparazzi, straight up legal for-profit stalking."

– SJS69

Power In Pharma

"the price of epipens."

– oofie1289offtherails

Let The Sick Suffer

"Withholding medicine from sick people is 100% legal of their insurance provider allows it witch is most of the time."

– CatTomNG

The Cheap Swap

"Firing an old employee who's about to retire and putting an intern who works for peanuts in his/her place."

– ofsquire

Turns out there are far more than we thought!

Do you have a similar experience? Share it with us in the comment section.

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