A single place where I can buy things to not smell terrible, light my house, and load up on beer is nothing short of amazing. God's work, really.

But what if some punk menace got hold of the controls and turned it all upside down and into a pain in the ass?

Thankfully, Reddit is around to shed light on insane hypotheticals.

A Redditor asked, "You run an inconvenience store, what do you sell?"You run an inconvenience store, what do you sell?"

The work of an absolute maniac...

Any clear liquid you could possibly ever need... Water, rum, vinegar, brake cleaner, you name it. All on the same shelf, all in identical plastic bottles, all unlabeled. You open it, you buy it.




We have everything, just not the brand your spouse was expecting.


Rules are rules, sorry 

AA batteries, but with a strict limit of 1 battery per customer.


That pre-brunch weekday rush

It's not what I sell, its when I am open (Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 10.30am)


Guaranteed to piss you right off!

Earbuds but they're at the stage where they only work at a certain angle.


What's a summer barbecue without a low carb weirdo

Hotdogs in 12 packs and buns in 10 packs



individually packed m&ms


One at a time, please

I sell scratch off tickets to 50-70 year old customers. They have to buy a minimum of 20 tickets and scratch them all off at the register while the rest of the line waits. If you came in to buy milk or pay for your gas, you're f***ed.



Keyboards that have the m and n keys switched


Best "in the back" section of all time

We sell everything, except it's all out in the warehouse and you have to ask an employee to get it for you.


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