Two middle aged people riding bikes
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We will be our parents one day.

All we can hope is maybe we'll be an upgraded version.

There is always that one moment when you realize though.

Maybe it's sensing rain coming in your knees.

Or perhaps it's scolding your own children for the first time.

No matter the moment, it's likely to happen.

As life slips by...

Redditor itsDaco wondered who is feeling like age is beginning to catch up with them. So they asked everyone:

"What’s the most 'I’m turning into my parents' moment for you?"

Coupons. When I started noticing coupons.

That's when I knew.


Grocery Store Noise GIF by TravisGiphy

"When I went from 'Oh hey this restaurant has live music, cool!' to 'Dammit - look at them setting up a drum kit. It's going to be too loud. I can't hear.'"


A little sass...

"I've always had a little sass in me and most of my life, my shyness covered that up. Now I am a one woman massacre. Thanks, mom. My brothers have been telling me for years that I am essentially our mom, to the point of calling me 'little mother (in an endearing way, not a Norman Bates way). I own it."


Waking Up

"My dad will fall asleep just about anywhere, especially if he sits in a recliner. So after I got my first full-time job out of college, I got home and me and my roommate were gonna watch a new episode of some show. I fell asleep in our recliner in less than 10 minutes. I woke up after the show ended and my roommate was like yeah you were out and snored a little."


45 conversations...

"Sometimes I will say certain words and I’ll turn around because I thought my mom said something. It’s really scary how me and her share 98% of seemingly random idiosyncrasies."

"We both talk to ourselves. Full on 45 conversations with ourselves. We both do this counting this when some of the numbers turn breathy as we count."

"We both shake our heads and point our fingers the EXACT same way when we’re yelling. Sometimes I’ll stop mid fight because I can see my mom making the exact same motions and it freaks me out."


You Win

Super Mario Dancing GIFGiphy

"My 10 year old nephew let me win a video game cuz he felt bad for me, like I did to my dad 25 years ago on Super Nintendo."


Ah... passing on the gift of the game.


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"My dad has in a way worked himself to death. Now he's retired. When he comes over now as soon as he sits down on a couch he falls asleep within minutes. I'm noticing couches are starting to have the same affect on me."



"My SO and I were packing and getting ready to road trip to some family’s house for Thanksgiving. As I was cleaning up the house my SO said something along the lines of, 'don’t worry about it, you can clean when we get home.' I replied with, 'I do NOT want to come home to a dirty house.' At that point I realized I’m turning into my mother."



"My mom used to find things for us in a minute after we had been looking for hours. My siblings and dad sometimes lose things and ask me to help because 'I always find it magically' .... I’m actually very excited about the mom touch to finding things."


"I started dating a mother of 4. She has the Mom touch on so many levels... and I’ve for sure abused it."

"The other day I was on the phone with her and said I couldn’t find my iPad. She told me to check under a box I just brought in from my car. She hadn’t been over for a couple days, though I was on the phone when I got the box. But...
No clue how it works."



"The moment I saw a high school picture of me... turns out it was my dads high school picture. I'm identical to my father and it's annoying as can be."


"Same. I look just like my old man. Baby pics, childhood pics, all the way up to a picture my mom showed me of my 7th birthday party when he was my age now. But good news is, you know what you'll look like when you're older, and can plan accordingly."



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"As I stared into the mass of various saved rubber bands and twist ties."


"I have to dump the 4,786 plastic bags my brother will save and keep 5-10 of them."


I do love rubber bands. I'm growing I guess.