Have you ever tasted something that everyone kept swearing by?

You get all excited, so you taste it, and when you do... you wish you were dead.

No. You wish they were dead first.

There are many foods where the buzz is all hype and facade.

One Redditorwanted everyone to share which menu items are not as loved as we have been led to believe.

They asked:

"What food do you swear people only pretend to like?"

I am very up front about my food dislikes. And I'm always looking to cross things off the list. So give me more...


Excited Feed Me GIF by Morris the 9Lives CatGiphy

"Cat food. I mean come on, my cat can't like eating that every day. I think she's just being polite."



"My mom made stuffed cabbage once. I kinda like stuffed cabbage now but I didn't like cabbage anything as a kid. She left it cooking while we went out somewhere. When we came back the cabbage smell whacked us in the nose and I said I think the dog pooped on the carpet. She believed me for a second before realizing it was cabbage stank."



"Chitterlings. My mom-in-law made some at my house, and it smelled like a grown man crapped all over my home and walls."


"My family was from plantation fields in the Carolinas. Some still stayed but my grandparents went to NY. Relatives from the south mail buckets of that stuff lmao. I mean good stuff too like cracklins and vegetables as well but man… freakin' buckets of chilttlins so yea if you know you know."


Not Appealing...

"Hákarl. I can’t imagine someone coming in from a long day of work and tucking into a plate of fishy smelling, ammonia flavored chewy shark chunks that make you smell like a bait camp for the rest of the evening. It seems like survival food - you will stay alive if you eat it, but it’s not appealing… to me. If you’re Icelandic - please help me understand why this is a thing."



Vomit Puke GIF by The Late Late Show with James CordenGiphy

"Once upon a time I swore that salted licorice was the most vile thing ever to have graced our fair planet. However about a year ago my wife made me try some and much to my surprise, I liked it!."


Who can even pretend to like these things?

I Don't

Harry Potter Pastel GIF by Pasteleria Cake TownGiphy

"Fondant on like wedding cakes."




"weird eats"



"Ever since I saw various 'weird eats' shows, I have had trying lutefisk as one of my bucket list items. (Yes, I am weird, I'll admit.) I have a friend from Minnesota who, for some reason, refuses to help me on this item."


"It's just really bland fish with slightly worse texture than normal. Nothing special about it. It's not gross or funky tasting, just really plain and unexciting."



"There's an emotional reaction to foods (and other sensations) that develops over time. Eventually, it gets to the point that the food--regardless of what's disgusting about it--makes you feel something enjoyable and pleasant."

"If I'd never eaten Bleu Cheese before, I'd be disgusted by it now. But, I unknowingly had some when I was 4 or 5 at a family Christmas party in a cheeseball. When I eat Bleu Cheese these days, it reminds me of warm happy Christmases of decades long ago."



"My roomie be eating squid out a can."


"I like fried calamari the best. Had a can of squid that was ok. Added it to ramen. Tried another can of squid that included the ink. Kind of grossed me out but reminded me of sardines in tomato sauce (The ink was mixed with tomato sauce). Managed to eat it all on some ramen but won't be getting the ink one again."



trippy GIF by Pi-SlicesGiphy

"Gold leaf -need I say more?"


"It has no real taste- it’s there so that you can feel rich and entitled."


Well I'm no longer hungry.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment below.

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