People Explain Which Things Some Folks Turn Into Their Whole Personality
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If you're not familiar with the phrase "you are what you eat," it is not a literal statement.

Instead, the line suggests that it is important to eat better quality foods in order to stay healthy and fit.

But the notion that we can go through a transformation of some sort based on our behavior or surroundings can still be a thing depending on certain discussions within context.

Curious to hear examples of what this might be, Redditor standardgenre45 asked:

"What’s something that people turn into their whole personality?"

We can lose sight of ourselves when heavily influenced by another individual or a group of people.

Influenced By Devotion

"Politicians they follow."

– mrivkees

Era-Specific Like-Minded Individuals

"The generation they're born in."

– TheodoreBurgessL

We Like, We Follow

"‘Girl bosses’/MLM cult engagers"

"And social media."

– wanesandwaves

People can take on the characteristics that apply to their environments.

Location-Based Personality

"Here in the Netherlands people who live in Amsterdam base their personality on Amsterdam."

– kood_gid

When In Colorado

"People move to Colorado and Colorado becomes their personality. They buy a jeep or Subaru and start wearing Chaco’s, and plaster Mountain Life all over everything they own."

– peachesinyogurt

Claiming Ownership Of The State

"Not only that, but 'Colorado native' is a whole thing too. I've met many people who have nothing to talk about except how bitter they are that people keep moving in and how much better it was when they were kids."

– arardvark

What The Canadian Said

"It’s that way for a lot of major cities around the world. Here in Canada each province’s capital city has a bunch of people basing their personality off of it."

– SegaNaLeqa

The Thing About Major American Cities

"Lots of New Yorkers (City not state) guilty of this too. But it’s not just them. Los Angelinos, San Francisans, Chicago and DC are guilty too. Texans are probably the worst about it, especially the further they get away from Texas, then you’ve got people from Austin who are like the elitist Texans, they’re like the oddest mix of hippie and redneck. They often pride themselves on the hippie and denounce the redneck while still obviously being one."

– serene_brutality

Things having to do with money can be an obsession and really take over the essence of a person.

Living Work Or Work For A Living?

"Their job."

– CassiopeiaDwarf

Value Of Conversation

"Or just money in general. I worked with a guy who only ever talked about what things were worth, mostly vehicles. What he was thinking about buying. How much he could sell something for. The trades he wanted to make. How much our customers made. What motorbike he bought before from a guy on the street we happened to be on and what it's worth. That's all. It was annoying as f'k. Any conversation at all, you could be talking about your grandma, and he immediately tries to change the subject to value. It was literally the only small talk he knew. The fact he was poor just made it sad."

– Kossimer

Just Cut The Price Tag

"Omg my husband is kind of like this and as much as I love him, it's so frustrating. I'm just not all about money. We don't need to tell the kids how much their gifts cost. Idk. It makes me a little nuts."

– bohemianlikeu24

Power Of Money

"True, I lived it twice. First time I was a young, driven, ladder climber. Second I was a greedy, grab All the Cheeto’s before everything goes to pot… then when it did in 2008, financial collapse happened, I became lost. I’d let 95% of my identity become my job when it disappeared so did I. Took over a year to get my head right."

– DanMittaul

Status and association with certain people in their love are additional factors contributing to a loss of self.

Police Spouses

"You ever see a police officers wife? It's crazy but they turn their entire existence into being a police spouse, it's very odd. I have two neighbors that are police, they younger the wife the more intense the alternate reality they create for themselves. The husbands never mention their profession but the wifes cant shut up about it and try and prove how much they know about local law enforcement."

– Avalanche2

Married To The Army

"Same for military wives."

– imanon33

The Melodrama Back At Home

"My cousin's husband was in the Air Force. He was never deployed but whenever he would get sent out for field training, she was always talking about how hard being a military wife was and how much she missed her husband. Like girl, chill. He's gonna be gone for a week. Relax, don't shave your legs, sleep on the entire bed and do all the things you wouldn't normally do when he's home."

– littlehateball

Ever been told that you're turning into one of your parents?

That's another phrase often uttered, especially by a sibling who sees that you have slowly taken on the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of your mom or dad.

Learned behavior or genes?

Could be either or both. What do you think?

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