HOAs and neighbors. They can be the bane of one’s existence. People just can’t seem to mind their business and property. So many of these issues end up on Judge Judy and it’s obvious why. Case in point… Redditor begrudgedhome wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit […] More
People Share Their Wildest Homeowner's Association Horror Stories
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HOAs look good on paper, but they come with rules and unspecified cult like ownership.

They never seem to explain the depth of their involvement in your life in the paperwork.

But once you let your grass grow one centimeter too high... then the letters and lawsuits start piling up.

This is why people will pay anything to live free!

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Ostensibly, rules are put in place to protect people or property. Whether it is to protect property or people, the goal should always be to prevent harm. But what happens when the rule that’s been set in place seems to do more harm than good? This was the problem that brought Redditor and Original Poster […] More

For those looking to live within a Homeowner's Association's jurisdiction – whether it's a house in a community, or a unit in a condominium – specific rules imposed by the HOA can be downright ridiculous.

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Home Owners Share Their Craziest 'I'll Never Live In An HOA Again' Story
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Most of us can agree that we wouldn't want to live where someone else makes the rules and micromanages our lives.

HOA's are supposed to be there to improve everyone's living conditions - and the properly run ones can do just that. Unfortunately, HOA's have become a sort of stomping ground for Big Karen Energy.

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