Firefighter Dresses As Buddy The Elf And Challenges People On The Street To Pillow Fights 😂
Brendan Edwards, Julie Sullivan/Facebook

Here is something that will lift your spirits with a fluffy thwack to the face this holiday season.

Brendan Edwards is a firefighter in Boston. But when winter rolls around, he ditches the uniform and dons an elf costume and wreaks havoc on the streets in the most jovial way.

According to his Instagram page, Edwards is also a father and has a penchant for making people laugh by challenging random pedestrians to pillow fights — as Buddy the Elf.

Here is a sampling from Ewards' Facebook page of his riotous encounters with willing participants.

Unsuspecting city folk are surprised by a spontaneous duel. And most of them are totally up to the challenge.

Let the feathers fly.

Brendan Edwards/Facebook

Buddy does not discriminate when it comes to his opponents. All ages are welcome to knock this elf to the ground.

Brendan Edwards/Facebook

Brendan Edwards/Facebook

"Hey Boston. It's your very own pillow-fighting elf. Find us in the city today, maybe even surprise us with your own pillow," he challenged followers on Instagram.

And with a gleam in his eye, he said, "I know I'm gonna bring a surprise of my own."

Turns out he brought along a partner in crime to fight alongside him: his girlfriend, "Jovie," for twice the fun.

People are delighted with this mischievous sprite forcing everyone to get in touch with their inner child.

When it comes to tensions the country has experienced of late, this fireman is definitely putting out fires on and off the clock this holiday season.

H/T - Instagram, Buzzfeed, Facebook

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