People Describe The Most Stereotypically 'Evil' Companies They Know

People Describe The Most Stereotypically 'Evil' Companies They Know
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Why is money more important than human life? So many of these big companies and corporations seem to relish in taking advantage of us, the little people.

It isn't new you know? They destroy resources, deplete opportunities and suck up all the financial gain.

So what if kids drink poisoned water? Who cares if people are getting cancer from what you put in the air? And never mind what the staff is being paid.

As long as you stay a Fortune 500 powerhouse.

It's vile and we need to take them down.

Redditornikenotnikeywanted to discuss the corporations that need to be taken down a peg or two, by asking:

What are some stereotypically "evil" companies?

All of the companies I worked for in hospitality were blood suckers. They used and abused every employee they could while fleecing patrons. But hey... money, money, money.

No Cocoa

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"Nestle, forget those guys." ~ ZWally6

"They've done some pretty bad things:" ~ quantumronin2

An Empire

"Dupont." ~ UpperIce5314

"This company has been restoring the façade of the building I live in in downtown Los Angeles, and the solvent they were using was so potent, I had to relocate myself from my apartment. I complained to the building manager. Of course I look up online who makes the solvent and it's Dupont. FML." ~ futurespacecadet

Sucking Life

"Purdue pharma, literally drug dealers who caused the opioid crisis. Also the banana companies, who overthrew central American governments, installed dictatorships and kept the people poor while sucking all the profit from the land in their countries. (Chiquita, dole and del Monte)." ~ philip_andrew


"Shell." ~ thatfreemanguy

"Aren't they the ones that figured out carbon emissions would cause catastrophic climate change in, like, the 70s and buried it? They will probably be responsible for billions of deaths in the end. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, they all put up rookie numbers compared to hiding and playing down climate change for decades." ~ OkChildhood2261

Take over

Google It John Oliver GIF by Last Week Tonight with John OliverGiphy

"Google is getting there, so far as becoming a monopoly goes." ~ TheSanityInspector

"They removed the "don't be evil" clause from their mandate:". ~ the_honest_liar

Shady Shady

"Sandoz - my brother worked there - he reported some shady crap and got blackballed from the industry.Three/four years later - this happens..." ~ EveningIll8042


"As someone in the process right now: CollegeBoard. There is no good that comes out of a monopoly over education and people seeking a good university." ~pop1fizz

"Your problem is that you've bought the marketing that nonprofit is synonymous with good. It is not. It's only a form of corporate structuring that imposes certain limits and gives other benefits, just like any form of corporate structuring." ~ ManlyMisfit


"Blackrock." ~ No_Lynx_8737

"Blackrock is currently buying up as many homes as they can as part of their great reset where everything is rented to you. Part of a "debt-capitalism" plan. They really ARE evil." ~ PolskiHeart

"So in the UK, some of the big cities will have purpose built student accommodation blocks. Rooms will generally have their own bathrooms but then will have a shared kitchen."

"The nicer rooms will pretty much be a one bed apartment so the whole thing looks more like a hotel than it does student accommodation. There are several companies that run these but the biggest one which owned their own buildings was bought up by BlackRock. Most of the London buildings were like 20+ floor tower blocks in sought after locations near universities and transport links so you can imagine each one was worth quite a lot." ~ TofuBoy22

Where to Begin?

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"Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, Kellogg's, P&G, Mondelez, Unilever, Mars, General Mills… Basically all big companies that have a carppy human rights record and give you the illusion of choice." ~ Rerrereddd

That is quite a list. We are in troubling times, but we always have been. Until money is no longer an obsession, we'll make no progress.

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