People Explain Which Experiences They've Added To Their Post-Pandemic Bucket List

People Explain Which Experiences They've Added To Their Post-Pandemic Bucket List
Image by Daniel Byram from Pixabay

Here we are, eighteen months into the pandemic. Life is moving forward, Delta be damned. We were told that one day the world would function again. So what did we learn in our isolation? Did we decide about what comes next? Everybody must have compiled a few ideas about what is going to enrich our lives going beyond Covid.

What are some of the ideas and plans that have been pushed to the fore front? Is it finally time to skydive? Or maybe paint the house that color only you love? Let's discuss...

Redditoru/Gulfcoastpestwanted to hear all about everyone's exciting plans post COVID, by asking:

(Post COVID) what is on your bucket list?

Travel. Travel is all over my bucket list. It always has been, but now I'm serious about it. And I'm adding places. Bali. I'm going to Bali. Forget Disney World.

The Babies...

meghan ory support GIF by Hallmark ChannelGiphy

"Making it to see my grandchildren."

- 3oh7snave

"I totally relate. Except that I'm the grandchild. I hope my grandma stays well enough! Happy cake day to you."

- hellohappystar


"Just go for a movie and have a nice time with friends outside the house. I honestly just miss that."

- fishmonger103

"I'm in an area with a relatively high vaccination rate and I went to the theaters this past weekend for the first time in 19 months. It was such a good feeling."

- StellarGravityWell

Do You!

"I plan on quitting my job and working from home."

- Advi0001

"Do your research and do it! I've been on the freelance journey for the last year and a half. There's a lot to learn in all aspects, everything from tax and business stuff, managing the business side of things, and then managing the work itself. But the resources are out there. You really get what you put into it."

- ContentKeanu

Bright Sky

"See the northern lights."

- gingeronimooo

"They are magical. I grew up seeing them in my backyard but since living in cities as an adult I haven't seen them in years, probably a good thing to put on my list too."

- CypripediumGuttatum

Fly Away

moving homer simpson GIFGiphy

"I want to go live abroad."

- rickeysneekzzz

"Currently living abroad and love it, but I want to be able to go visit my family without having to quarantine when I come back."

- l1nk1sh

Time to start moving on up, career and housing are calling for more. Lands unknown are calling. New people, places and things want to teach us. Time to learn.


Robin Williams Thank You GIFGiphy

"Get an education so I can do something I really love. Want to be a high school counselor and then an administrator eventually. Helping kids is just so rewarding."

- CharlesNotManson


"Being able to go to crowded places without spending days feeling paranoid afterwards."

- dmcaribou91


- JannaNixon

The Blarney

"Take my wife to Ireland so she can see her family and our daughter can meet her grandparents, uncles and aunts."

- ipoopcubes

"If you're fully vaccinated you can go whenever... no quarantine needed I believe."

- 50mm-f2

"We wouldn't have to quarantine on the way there, but we'd have to quarantine on the way back to Australia."

- ipoopcubes

Run around...

"I'm hoping in a few years when my husband is retired, I can convince him to take a multiweek trip to England with me so I can run around looking at castles and other sites related to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Also that place (which I can't remember the name of) where Downton Abbey was filmed. And maybe James Herriot's actual vet office, which IIRC, has been turned into a museum. I LOVE his All Creatures Great and Small books and was a fan (at least until the post WWII series) of the original drama on PBS."

- KnockMeYourLobes

Good for You

Cartoon Yes GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy

"In a nutshell, I've lost my faith in humanity... but that won't stop me from trying to build others up instead of being a part of the problem."

"PS: You did a great job today! Yes... I'm talking to you."

- Thumbszilla

Be Cool

"I want to visit the east coast of the US (New York City, Washington DC, etc) and see snow. As someone who was born and raised here in Hawaii, I want to touch snow (I'll probably be that person who gets scared going out of the airport in a snowstorm though like that scene in the movie "Cool Runnings")."

- you_are_breathing

So many ideas, so little time. There is lesson one, time is of the essence. It's fleeting and we need to use it and enjoy in all the best ways. So get crackin'.

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