"Nice to hear from you stranger."

That is my phone greeting when I call my mother.

Though we've texted that day and spoke two days before.

It's fine. I know I don't call... because I'm lazy sometimes.

And honestly, not much new to report.

We all have "reasons" for not phoning mom.

And she knows them, so you might as well spill.

Redditor massaton wanted everyone to answer why they are reading this and not calling home! They asked:

"So, what is your excuse for not calling your mother?"

I try to talk to my mom frequently. But it's never enough for her. But that's ok. I still have her.


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"Caught her forging checks in my name."



"She has dementia and has forgotten how to use the phone. Unless an aide is in the room when I call, the phone will just ring and drive her crazy. I visit her in person instead even though sometimes she doesn't know who I am."


"The last thing my grandmother said to me before I became totally unrecognizable to her was, 'you’re awfully big to be so little.' Even though I was 22 at the time she remembered me as a little girl."


Never Again

"Last time I saw her she yelled at me to go live with my dad and when I actually started packing my things and leaving she yelled 'you don’t want to take care of your own mother' and proceeded to beat me and call the cops saying I’m the one who hit her even though I had cuts, marks, and bruises all over my face and neck."

"She never got in trouble and she did all this in front of my 3 year old sister. She also told me I would be dead if I ever came back. We haven’t spoke since and I don’t plan to ever speak to her again."



"She doesn't take any interest in my life. She will call me to complain about my siblings and ask nothing about me."


"I'm similar, she calls to gripe about all her problems for an hour then goes so what's new with you, but at that point in emotionally drained and I have nothing to say. She doesn't really absorb anything I talk about either so it's a bit wasted?"


Die Phone

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"We both really hate talking on the phone! We stay in touch vie text etc and I'll go see her, and my dad, in a couple of weeks when I've got some time off work."


I feel like a lot of moms are waiting by a phone. And we're hanging up.


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"She's a helicopter parent despite not being around when I was a child and leaving me to be raised by my sister."


same old...

"The last time I spoke with her I got. To update her on what I'm doing for work (yet another crappy entry level job instead of a career she can be proud of). Criticism over a hobby that I picked up and a "'It has to at least make money' warning. Criticism over me and my family still being in the 'same old tiny apartment.'"

"Thanks mom. This is why it's difficult for me to relate to people who had a strong, healthy connection to their parents."


Over It

"I don't want to. If I wanted to backtrack on years of work on my own mental health, maybe I'd pick up the phone. But it turns out that when you're abusive, manipulative, and generally sh*tty to someone for 25 years, maybe they don't want to talk to you anymore."


She never has...

"Phones work 2 ways. I call a few times a year. She never has. I have asked her to come visit. She does not ask me to come up. I have visited her. She has never visited me. Relationships require both to put effort in. After years of only me putting in time and effort I have learned that I am not that important to her."


Empty Person

"She is a soulless human being, addled with terrible personality traits, and is addicted not only to specific drugs, but to being not sober. She is a kleptomaniac and will steal from people who are charitable to her. She’s an uncaring mother and an awful person."

"My sister texted me this morning to say she’s been missing for two weeks, and I’m not concerned, because that is completely normal for her. She’s been addicted to hard drugs for at least 20 years now, I don’t see how she’s still alive, and I wish she wasn’t, she’s draining my entire family of love and resources."



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"Nice try, mom."


"This literally made me laugh so hard, deserves top comment."


Not all relationships, including blood, are meant to be. But if you can and if it's healthy... call your mom.

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