Employees Share The Biggest Fan-Boy Meltdown They've Ever Witnessed From A Customer

There's nothing like throwing a tantrum in a Mcdonald's because you didn't get the color toy you wanted. As an adult. 

Yep. Get ready, because there's a lot more where that come from!

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Someone dressed as an anime character at a Japanese culture and History festival flipped his lid because there was nothing anime related. He started shouting complaints at vendors and exhibit owners he thought it was an anime convention.


Skyrim midnight launch. The only store in town that had one. Preorders only.

Now, they did have copies they sold that weren't preordered, but it was first come first serve. So it's not like the employees were being dicks about it.

I grab my preordered copy, my mate grabs his. Our other friend showed up about 10 minutes after we did, so we waited for him. While we're waiting, some dude walked to the counter and asked for a copy, but had no preorder. "Sorry mate, none left. We had very limited copies that weren't preorders".

The dude just lost it. Started rambling about how effed up his life his and his one piece of hope was Elder Scrolls. He literally starts the waterworks and starts knocking everything around the store as he's leaving. He yells at everyone else for taking his game from him. We could hear him screaming and I mean gut wrenching screaming all the way down the road.


My wife and I took our nieces to the Naruto movie premiere. Movie was good, lots of teenagers screaming and cheering every time Naruto had a scene.

Since it was the premiere, they had a documentary afterwards, about the cast. Turns out Naruto is played by a middle aged Irish-American lady named Maile Flanagan. Ever heard several hundred young teenage girls' fantasies evaporate all at the same time? It was epic. There were tears, there were shouts of anger. I suspect poor Maile got some nasty fan mail.


I don't drink and I don't play poker, but I won the Poker Tourney at the local brewery. The guy sitting next to me the whole night - wearing sunglasses, talking probability, and complaining that I wasn't paying attention to the game - really flipped out. And it was glorious.

I won a gift certificate for beer.


Remember those Pokemon gold cards that came in the giant Pokeballs that Burger King used to sell? I had friends OBSESSED with those damn things. Trying to get all 6... Or 10... I forget how many. They believed they'd be worth MILLIONS in the future. Our local BKs sold out of them very quickly, and I saw a kid jump the register and run to the back trying to find one. He thought "they had more in the back" and... I'm not sure what he was planning to do beyond that, but he definitely tried before being tackled and held back by several employees.

The 90s were a weird time. I feel like most fast food places wouldn't care that much nowadays to TACKLE AND PIN DOWN A CUSTOMER. But... Well, there ya go.


The Beanie Baby craze. From 1998-2000 I worked my first job at McDonald's and people were fist fighting each other for them. It was crowded as all heck on a Saturday afternoon, there were crying kids, and the police had to be called. Nowadays most beanie babies are worth diddly squat.


When the Tickle Me Elmo toys first came out, they didn't think the demand was going to be so high and they ended up not making enough. People literally got into fist fights with each other because they wanted a stupid kids toy for their five year old child.


I went to a Dolly Parton concert with my brother, and we had really good seats about 10 or 12 rows back. Well, one poor guy in maybe row 6 or 7 got emotionally overwhelmed, seriously. He was standing up a lot (everyone else sat), waving and yelling occasionally, and at one point started crying. Despite that, no one I could see really seemed to care, but maybe someone did complain.

Unfortunately, between songs security came over and told him he had to leave. They might have warned him beforehand, I don't remember. But they did make a big production out of it, which wasn't at all necessary.

But Dolly was great - she stood there and thanked him, told him she was sad he had to leave, and told him to wait outside because she would send one of her outfits out to him to take home. I think she really meant it, and I hope that really happened.


When the Phantom Menace came out there were lots of "Jedis" "dueling" with florescent colored pvc tubes in front of the theater.

I am not sure what saber fighting style a few of them were using, but in the ongoing sloppiness someone got hit with a pvc tube pretty hard.

What shortly ensued was a few real fights with pvc tubes and a multitude of red faced jedis reee reeing at each other, swinging at each other like they were piatas.

It was more entertaining than the movie.


San Diego Comic Con. Every year it gets worse and worse. The lines are unmanageable. From people cutting in line, fighting, screaming and all out nerd raging, it's a mess.

Want to see grown men fight over Funko Pops? Magic the Gathering cards? Mondo posters? Shopkins? Well come to SDCC.


Yoshitaka Amano, the artist that created the art of the Final Fantasy franchise, attended an anime convention way back and severely underestimated his popularity in the U.S.

After his panel was over, he agreed to sign merchandise. But instead of just signing stuff, he DREW PICTURES, and even looked at other people's art work. The line for this weaved seemingly forever at the hotel, but he had a plane to catch and had to leave. A few fans went so wild in line that he stayed until the entire line was done.

As much as I regret he had to deal with that situation, I was at the back of the line and still got a Final Fantasy book signed (with a VERY quickly drawn image of a girl) from the best gaming/fantasy illustrator in existence.


I worked at a movie theater in high school. Our boss (obviously because it's his job) was very strict on Rated-R movies, and checking ID's. One of my co-workers was working box office on the night "American Sniper" came out. A group of obviously younger than 17-year-olds came up to buy tickets from him. He asked for their ID's, none of them even had permits yet. They asked him to just let it go, he said no. Then, the "alpha" of the group gets up against the glass and starts threatening my co-worker's life, saying that he will go home, get his dad's gun, and shoot him, unless he lets the group buy tickets.

It's funny, because even if he sold them tickets, they would've gone inside to the usher, and the manager with the usher would've asked for their ID's and they would've been sent back outside for refunds.

Such is life in a crumbling suburb.


I've seen hardcore Magic players flip tables at Friday Night Magic. It gets way too intense to even enjoy going anymore.


In the fifth grade there was this kid in my class who was obsessed with Hermione Granger. Not Emma Watson, but her character from Harry Potter. Im talking 15-20 different pictures in his locker and like plastered on his folders, binders, etc. In short: it was too much. One day a kid in our class insulted him about it. Wrong move. He lost it. He instantly started crying. Bawling is a better description. Then after about 30 seconds of utter emotional meltdown he attacked the kid, clawing at his eyes, pulling hair, all the while screaming at the top of his lungs Hermione Granger is beautiful! Hermione Granger is beautiful!. One of the strangest experiences of my life.


I had a 50 year old woman in tears at my store because I didn't have an iPhone 8plus in Gold. She had to get silver.


McDonald's had My Little Pony toys a few years back. The cops got called to the McDonald's down the block from my house because some Brony, (a usually grown "bro-man" who loves My Little Pony), went in for a Rarity or a Pinkie Pie (I can't remember which one it was), they were all out, and he straight had the most maximum fedora fit on the face of the planet. He tried to knock down the toy display to get the toy he wanted out of it, except it's bolted to the wall.

I found out later, from one of the workers, that it was the same guy I got banned from the nearby mall for literally following me everywhere I went. I was highly unsurprised.


A guy was at an anime convention in Tokyo and chatted up one of the voice actresses that was there as a guest. Later, on a train, one of the more awkward attendees confronts him and spazzes at him for daring to talk to whomever (because he was in love with her or something) - the guy knocks him over and he runs off into the night.


Rock fans sending death threats to a radio host because they cut a Pink Floyd song in the middle of a solo.


Last year in June, Kotaku reported that No Mans Sky was being delayed two months. Fans of the game (more accurately fans of the hype for the game) called the writer for that minor news update a liar and when Sean Murray personally confirmed the delay on Twitter those same people threatened to kill everyone at Hello Games.


People spoiling the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to fans waiting in line to buy the book at the Barnes and Noble midnight release event. That was a rough one. 


I used to be a manager at PetSmart years ago. I got called up to the front for "customer service" which usually meant I was about to get yelled at over expired coupons.


It was a girl in full-on furry gear, holding pamphlets. It was too long ago to remember the exact conversation but she essentially asked me if she could walk around the store in her suit handing out pamphlets on furry culture. She also thought it would be fun for people to interact with a furry in a pet store. Of course, I politely told her no. She started to essentially beg me, so I tried to offer the usual excuses, "it's corporate policy," "it's a safety issue." (Honestly, it probably is a safety issue. She could have gotten attacked if she approached the wrong dog in the wrong way). She would NOT relent. I started to become irritated at this point, and told her she would have to leave. Her response was to start SCREAMING, and yes, barking at me. Apparently I was discriminating against furries her words, not mine. She finally left after a few minutes of that, but it was quite a sight to behold.


When the wii came out I met a friend just to chill with him in line at 4am. The store had a limited number so they handed out tickets to the people already in line to make sure we got one. Not long after, a young kid (12-14) asked the clerk if there were any tickets left, but the clerk told him they were already out and he instantly looked heartbroken. Like, might begin to tear up kind of shattered. Standing there, I knew my friend was also going to buy one and I could play his, so without a thought I just gave him my ticket. You'd think he just won the fricken lottery on Christmas morning. As soon as he ran to the back of the line the guy directly behind me is besides himself; "OH MY GOD. YOU COULD HAVE SOLD THAT TICKET FOR 100$. 50$ AT LEAST. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THESE ARE TO GET? YOU'RE SO STUPID. GOOD LUCK ON EBAY."


It was the early 2000s, and the 2nd LOTR movie had just come out. Good movie. It was getting close to the huge battle at the end, when the fire alarm in the theatre went off. Everyone exits, and it turns out to be nothing. For some reason the theatre wouldn't/couldn't resume the movie where it was and decided to pass out vouchers instead. In the background I hear some guy yell about how he had to take off work to see this movie. He then proceeded to beat the crap out of a Jungle Book2 cardboard cutout. RIP Baloo the Bear!


Mine wasn't necessarily a fanboy, but it was their mother. It was black Friday a couple years ago and somehow I let my other half convince me to go with her. I thought it'd be a good idea to go to Kohl's because they had a really nice deal on a ps4 bundle. We get there like a half hour early, and we're pretty close to the front of the line and waiting to go inside. I'd never done black Friday prior to this, so I was not prepared for the idiocy that would ensue. They opened the doors and everyone sprinted into the door like full out sprint and people were trying to push us out of the way as we were just walking to go inside. I make my way to the back of the store where the electronics department is, meanwhile there are people literally darting around the store grabbing item after item, looking like rabid dogs.

I get to the back of the store and I see a stack of ps4s and a line of people waiting for them, so I get to the back of the line and the closer I get the smaller the pile of ps4s gets. At this point I'm just accepting that I probably won't get one and it's really not a big deal. The only reason I was picking one up was to save a few bucks. Well, I'm second in line and there is one more ps4 on the stack, the lady and her son in front of me are about to get it but I couldn't quite tell if it was the last one because people were everywhere and I didn't have a clear line of sight.

So I ask her "Hey, can you tell if that's the last one?", she then turns around, looks me dead in the eye and says "You're damn right it is and you're not going to fing get it, understand ahole?"

I was dumbfounded honestly, so I just kind of shook my head and told her that it wasn't that big of a deal as she continued to make snide comments under her breath and people all over the store were arguing and fighting for different items or yelling at the employees to find things and just generally being rude. The lady gets her ps4 that she was ready to fight to the death for, and walks away, giving me the stare of death. I just shake it off and ask the employee who was handing them out if there were any left.

Sure enough they had another pallet in the back and were just waiting to bring them out, so I ended up getting one, but I've never seen so many people act so rude over material items. It was the first and last time I have ever attending any store for black Friday. Never again. We also went to several other stores that night for my Ex and all of them were equally terrible.


I worked at Best Buy when Star Wars Episode 1 was released on DVD for the first time. I had worked the opening shift, and was asked to come in a little early to help set up all the displays.

People were camped outside for a few hours before the store opened. About 30 minutes before the store opened, I could see this seething, undulating mass of humanity crowded outside the doors, waiting for them to open so they could grab their copy. I swear it looked like a few of them were trying to Jedi Mind Trick me into opening the doors early.

I was making jokes with my fellow employees, when my manager came and asked me to stand by the doors so I could direct the incoming horde to the various displays (there were 2 or 3 of them I think). As I took my place near the doors, the store manager approached the front doors of the store to open them, and I saw the entire mass tense like they were about to run a gauntlet.

As soon as the doors opened, the human ocean outside burst its way in. I raised my hand to wave to them in greeting, but before I could get my arm halfway up to greeting position, I was slammed off of my feet as they ran past me. It was like I wasn't even there.

I picked myself up, with no injuries other than my pride, and saw these piranhas devour the first display they came to. Within minutes (it seemed), the display was empty. Some customers who hadn't grabbed a copy (and didn't realize that we had more in stock), started pushing and shouting, and it looked like there might be a brawl erupting at any moment. I tried to tell everyone that we had more, but they were shouting over me. One kid (maybe 9 or 10 years old) was standing next to his mom and crying because he hadn't managed to get a copy. His mom was trying to console him, while moving him away from the riotous mass in front of them.

I went back to the crowd, finally it got quiet enough so I could explain that we had more in stock. The remaining crowd rushed to the other displays, and I pulled a copy aside for the boy and his mom and handed it to them so they wouldn't have to be near the assholes who were ready to fight each other.

All of this crap just for Jar Jar Binks.


My boyfriend got death threats back when the Xbox one first came out. He worked in a locally owned video game store and they only got 25 systems in, but only had 25 preorders. A guy comes in without a preorder and demanded the system. When he was told that all of the systems had been preordered and they wouldn't get more in for a few more weeks he flipped his lid, threatening to shoot people and saying that the faculty at the store better sleep with one eye open.

Unfortunately this is "normal" around console releases. Luckily I don't think he ever came back.


At my local comic book store, I was shopping for my Batty Man books. I hear a scream behind me and is was as if someone pulled the string from his body. A 40 year old man broke down, collapsed, and went fetal in the floor. He was doing what the kids call "ugly crying" He laid there for 30 minutes and other Superman fans helped him to a chair and got him some water.


When Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber for Best New Artist so his fans vandalized her Wikipedia page.


This line of people were outside the Apple store at the mall, waiting to get the iPhone 5 when it first came out. My sister and I were there shopping for a new dress for some presentation she had to put together, and we passed by right when a disagreement started among two people in line. The conversation went, loosely quoted, like this,

"Hey, I had that spot you [rude word]!"

"Uh, no. I started waiting here when the mall opened up. It's my spot."

"You little [rude word], you think you're better than me because you were stupid enough to get in line at 7am this morning? All you did was waste your time."

"Yes, well it got me ahead of you, didn't it? Leave me alone, please."

The angry weird person in line then goes quiet for a moment before *punching** the other guy right in the nose*

On another note, that's also the first time I've been witness to an arrest of a grown man while he screamed about the other guy deserving it for being an asshole. The guy who got punched was given first aid and everyone in front let him move to the first spot in line.

My sister and I literally bought soda and cookies and sat in the little lounge area close by to see all of this unfold. Once a guy punches another guy for a spot in line you can't miss out by leaving before the cops arrive.


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