People Describe The Most F**ked Up Thing Their Ex Ever Did After A Break-Up

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A breakup can really reveal a person's true colors.

Whoever in the relationship initiated the heartbreaking news that "this isn't working out anymore" or for any other reason the significant other didn't see coming can elicit irrational behavior.

Can they be blamed for going into a blind rage? Well, it depends.

Curious to hear just how someone whose had their heart broken reacted, Redditor No-Feeling865 asked:

"Whats the most f'ked up thing your ex did after a breakup?"

Some people just can't accept the fact that love has died and they resort to revenge.

Fake Pregnancy Alert

"Said she was pregnant and sent me a positive test. I searched positive pregnancy test results on Google Images… it was the first one to pop up."

– SpaceShipET

Public Announcement

"Had an ex make a MySpace page about how I’m a f'king loser. I already knew that, but I just thought it was rude."

– EssEyeOhFour

The Expensive Guilt Trip

"Take out a credit card in my name, go to Greece, and rack up $6K in charges in my name the stick me with it."

– soon_zoo55

Based on these cases, divorce seemed a logical next step.

Expensive Waste Of Time

"Cheated on me, refused to sign the divorce papers, so I had to pay an attorney thousands more to show up to court."

"Showed up to court, judge asked: kids? No. Shared property? No. Bank accounts? No significant money in them."

"Judge literally asked, 'why are you here?' I pointed at her, he sighed, signed the divorce and said 'next case'. Thousands of dollars for literally two minutes of court time."

– Shoddy_Emu_5211

No To Makeup Sex

"I left my wife when she threatened me with a 6' kitchen knife because she was stressed by our 11 year old son's homework. 4 weeks later when I collected the last of my things from our house she looked upstairs and seductively said 'do you want to come upstairs for a f'k?'"

"In the 18 years we had been together she has never said anything like this before."

"That was a definite 'No!'"

– Elegant-Ninja-8166

Actions spoke louder than words verifying these were not the kind of people you'd bring home to meet mom.

Truth Comes Out

"Immediately started dating the girl he swore he wasn’t cheating on me with."

– emshlaf

Animal Cruelty

"Hung my dog off a balcony. He is okay now."

– easygoinggirlie

Sometimes, there's a happy ending.

Blessing In Disguise

"I had an ex who cheated on me multiple times, and just generally manipulated me emotionally. Always lied to me and never actually came clean about the cheating, even when I had evidence, or when her best friend came to me because she thought I should know."

"We finally break up after 8 years, and I get back out there and start hooking up with someone else, ended up getting her pregnant, and it was her choice to keep it."

"My ex heard and called my Mom to tell her before I had decided to tell anyone in my family, totally blindsided me when I started getting calls and texts from my parents."

"Anyway, the other woman ended up being the most amazing mother, friend, and partner you could ask for. We've been married for 4 years this summer, and our son will be 5 in the spring!"

– Cristal_Lizard

The horrific behavior mentioned above just further cements the fact that some people were never meant to be in your life.

That's the thing about a person's true colors–you don't see them until in hindsight when the relationship becomes comfortable.

Love makes jilted people do crazy things, indeed. Like slashing an exe's car tire in a parking lot with surveillance cameras catching all the angry action.

Yeah, that may or may not have happened.

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