People's Favorite Go-To 'I Don't Feel Like Cooking' Meals

The thing they don't tell you about becoming an adult is that there will be days when you don't want to do the usual tasks, like cooking and cleaning.

Fortunately, people have lots of ideas for how to get through dinnertime when they don't want to cook.

Redditor Davenepeta asked:

"What is your go-to 'I don't feel like cooking' meal?"

Lighter Cooking Options

"Roasted chicken and veggies. Costco mixed veggies and Costco frozen rotisserie chicken strips on a sheet pan for 25 to 30 minutes at 400 degrees Farenheit."

- Bright-Outcome1506

Plan Ahead

"I make giant batches of soup and freeze a ton of it in 1-cup cubes. It takes 30 seconds to pop a frozen soup cube or two and put it on the stove to boil until done."

"I'm also frugal so a lot of my soups are called 'protein' anything soups. Whatever protein I have on hand (chicken, sausage, etc) paired with whatever veggies I have that is going bad or that I got on sale."

- SleepyCoffee90

Lazy Meal Planning

"I always keep at least five 'lazy day meals' in my freezer for this exact purpose. If I see a good discount on ingredients, I'll buy more than I need, cook a larger portion than what I intend to eat that day, and keep one in the freezer."

"It helps a lot when you get sick and need to eat like a normal human being."

"Just remember FIFO (first in; first out)."

- MrFunnyMoustache

Simply Elevated

"I like toast with sunny side up eggs, feta cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers."

- daisy470

Simple Ingredients

"Tuna melt on English muffins here. Always got tuna, mayo, an onion, and something I can toast under some cheese."

- clovisx

Passed Down Recipes

"If I am all by myself, rarely, I'll have baked beans on toast! It's an English regular, my dad picked it up when he was there during the Korean War. Yum!"

- GypsyGirrl

Tried and True

"When I used to babysit these three boys and I didn't have much cooking skills, I made up this simple dish that they absolutely loved. We called it 'Samurai Slop.'"

It was egg noodles, ground beef/sliced kielbasa, Korean bbq sauce, and (optional) fried egg on top."

"About as easy as mac n' cheese, and actually pretty good. Throughout my 20's, f**k I still make it for myself when I'm lazy."

- Rowan-Trees

Microwave Assistance

"A baked potato! Seven minutes or so in the microwave, cut in half, and scrape/mash the inside with a fork, add salt and pepper, butter, cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream. Add ranch if you like it. So good and filling, and all you really have to do is dump the ingredients on top of the potato."

- Ashley9225

The A La Carte Option

"I stand in front of the fridge and eat a little of this and a little of that until I'm reasonably full. A couple of slices of deli meat, string cheese, and maybe a few baby carrots, or cauliflower with ranch that I squirt directly onto each piece before eating it so I don't have to dirty a dip bowl. That kind of thing."

- freedominwhispers

Some Found These Options to Still Be Too Complicated

Y'all are like, 'When I don't feel like cooking, I'll just have a simple grilled scampi with charred broccoli and beurre noisette for an app then maybe a light coq au vin with Hasselbeck potatoes, sauteed spinach, and wild greens, and probably just a poached pear with homemade creme Anglaise and French tuilles for dessert.'"

- Suspicious-Tiger1884

Seriously, As Easy As Possible

"McDonald's or Mint chocolate chip ice cream."

- Aggressive-Duck5654

Cold Foods Are the Way

"There's a lot of cooking going on in this thread."

"For me, it's a sandwich. Specifically, cream cheese and ham."

- HorizontalDan

Someone Else Can Cook

"Pizza is literally the first thing that comes to mind."

"White Castle sliders is another."

"Sometimes I just eat cereal."

- depressivedarling

Delis Are Superior

"There’s a great deli right next to my house that gives you a lot of good food for like $10."

- EgoSenatus

Cheaper and Everything

"I can go to the grocery store and spend like $15 on some chicken breasts and vegetables..."

"Or I can just go to the gyro truck for a gyro platter with a salad and rice for like $10. No cooking, no mess, and far tastier."

"I don't buy bulk, so cooking just doesn't seem very economical with the grocery store pricing nowadays. The only 'cheap' meals I throw together are omelets because eggs are low cost."

"Halal/gyro trucks are the bomb."

- jhillman87

We all have days when we don't want to cook, but at least we have plenty of options so we can still eat.

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