The Darkest Psychology Tricks That Actually Work

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While we're not all aiming to be manipulative of the people around us, sometimes we could use a trick or two to be more successful around the people around us.

Redditor Aggravating_Taste821 asked:

"What are some dark psychology tricks that actually work?"

Make Them Agree

"Nodding your head up and down slightly when you want someone to agree with what you are saying."

- SumerianProgRocker

Be Inclusive

"Change the perspective from I to we, and people will automatically align themselves with you."

- fckmelifemate

Consistent Influence

"If you say something often enough, people will start to believe it after a while. And once a couple more people are saying it, it will exponentially explode through whatever population is listening."

- Generic300

Stay Accountable

"It's not really dark but every mistake I make at work, I go out of my way to admit to. For some reason that makes me more trustworthy."

- Freaksenius

Hold Coworkers Up

"I admit when I mess up and also go out of my way to sing the praises of anyone that helped me. Makes people want to work with you and why not? That's who I want to work with."

"Be honest, don't throw people under the bus, and telegraph your thank yous and you can ask for plenty of favors."

- crazyrich

Connect with Them

"Related: Ben Franklin suggested that if someone seemed cold to you, ask them a small favor. (I think he mentioned borrowing a book?)"

"After you return the book and we're sufficiently appreciative, that person would likely be less cold in the future."

- ISwearIUsedToBeSmart

Perspective Matters

"If you make a favor seem bigger than it is before asking it, the person on the receiving end is much more likely to help."

"'Babe, can you do me the biggest favor ever? Can you turn off the light when you come to bed?"'He would have done it anyway, but now he feels like a hero."

- SuperDuperStoney

Stay Quiet

"Not really a dark trick but one that I've found effective, when someone's being rude to you stay completely silent and stare at them. It'll make them feel incredibly uncomfortable and they'll usually act civilly after a few moments."

"**DISCLAIMER** Do not do this to people who are exhibiting aggressive behavior, and/or whilst in an unsafe non-public environment. This is a tactic meant to be used on otherwise mature adults in safe environments."

- Natasha_JB

UNO Reverse

"I had a manager who would scream at me and drive me to tears. I got sick of it, so I sat there staring at her and almost burst out laughing as her rant trailed off."

"She got quieter and said, 'Let's just forget the whole thing and move on.' She never yelled at me again."

- Beth_The_Alien_GF

Make Eye Contact

"Staring at peoples forehead irritates them quite a lot."

- Equivalent-Wealth-39

Manipulative or Oblivious?

"One thing that my dad does, that he may be completely unaware of, is when you give him good news he always exaggerates it back to you, thus forcing you to downplay your own accomplishment. I honestly don’t think he’s consciously doing it, but it drives me absolutely crazy."

"Hey, I have amazing news! I got promoted to vice president."

"That’s great! Wow, so senior vice president?”

“No, just a vice president.”

“Oh, well that’s still good.”

"And now the wind is all out of my sails."

- RawbM07

Just Answer the Question

"If someone doesn't want to give you specific information, like tuition costs, or hours expected, give them an example that's completely unreasonable. They will usually immediately give you an exact number and feel embarrassed for pretending not to know."

"Example: Me: How much does your C++ course cost?"

"Them: It really depends on what your goals are."

"Me: Don't you have a beginner's course? Can you give me a price range?"

"Them: We can work with you to fit your individual needs."

"Me: Okay, fine. So is it, like, $10 for access to all your courses, or..."

"Them: Oh, no. We have a subscription for $99 a month, it you can buy the beginner's course for $120."

"Not useful very often, but it works every time."

- Ender367

Wait for It

"Silence. If you want to know something, ask the question then wait. People want to fill the silence and will talk and talk."

- stormbrewing_

Back to Work

"If someone is bothering you at your desk too often, continue the conversation but get up and walk them back to their desk."

"I had a boss who was a guru at this. You'd be back at your desk, wondering how the f**k you got there."

- FrozenBanana46

Prepare Yourself

​"Just gonna say that if you familiarize yourself with a lot of the things said here, you can more easily guard yourself against others who attempt to use them on you."

- Vittaminn

Some Redditors felt like they'd already been doing some of these forever, while others felt fundamentally groundbreaking, but either way, these could make a positive change in someone's life.

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