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People Share The Best Psychological Tricks They Use On People
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The mind is a minefield. And it is vulnerable to others. So we must be talented at being the tricker and not the trickee. It may not be the ethical or moral thing to do but that doesn't mean it isn't a little funny or necessary. When we know we are right and have to make things right, then we must do what we must do.

Redditor u/secretfudgerecipe_ wanted to know what mind games people are adept at by wondering.... What's a psychology trick you use on others?

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If you want it... go out and get it. That is what we're told should be everyone's main life motto. If one obstacle in your way is another human, use them to your advantage. There are small, quiet ways to manipulate people into doing your bidding and getting what you need. A flick of a finger here, a strategically placed word there... and boom... magic is possible. Mind games aren't ethical but they can be necessary.

Redditor u/BraySC wanted to know what we can learn in order to play a little mind control by asking.... What psychological tricks do you know?

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Mind games. Life's survival is based on the best of the best of mind games. Sometimes you just gotta get someone to do what you need, like diffuse a dangerous situation. Is it always right or morally ethical? NO. But please, let he is without sin cast the first stone. A little trickery goes a long way... often for good.

Redditor u/PM_ME_UR_PUPPYDOGS wanted us all to fess to some shady yet clever mind games we've all played.... What is the most effective psychological "trick" you use?

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