The Creepiest Things People's Significant Others Have Ever Said In Their Sleep

No matter how much someone loves their spouse or partner, the inherent challenges which come with sharing a bed often go unspoken.

Blanket hogging, snoring, spreading, and kicking are only some of the challenges people endure.

Annoying as all of those nocturnal habits are, none of them are quite as unsettling as having a partner who talks in their sleep.

If the fact that they're talking wasn't enough to stop you from drifting off, what they're saying will only get you more distracted and scared.

As the 1993 comedy classic So I Married An Axe Murderer demonstrated, one simple phrase uttered in one's sleep could be the beginning of a long, macabre winding road of secrets.

Redditor flyingbeetlekites was eager to hear the most spine-tingling things people have ever heard their partners blurt out in their sleep, leading them to ask:
"Redditors with SOs who talk in their sleep, what is the creepiest thing they've said?"

Double Entendre Maybe?



“'He’s coming out of the faucet'.”



You Get Used To It After A While

"I talk in my sleep."

"My wife has told me many stories."

"the best one hands down has to be when she was pregnant, she woke up with really bad heart burn and nausea."

"She tried to wake me up and tell me she's not feeling well."

"She tells me I legit said 'you know those feelings you are feeling? just turn them off' and fell back to sleep."

"I'm really lucky my wife knows I sleep talk and loves me."

"She doesn't hold anything i say like that against me, just teases me a lot."- CubbyNINJA

Speaking Metophorically?

"My SO informed me one morning that he had woken up in the middle of the night with my face inches from his, my finger in his ear and I was apparently whispering, 'I just need to get in, let me in!''- veenabaneena

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Surely They Think They're Worth More Than That?

"She said 'Don't leave me for $3'."- bf0caiig

... Be More Specific?

"My boyfriend once cupped my crotch in his sleep and said, 'Two out of five stars'.”- irish-ygritte

"Bug"ing Out...

"I come in to go to bed, lay down and am about to turn the bedside lamp off."

'Cue him turning over, eyes still shut, obviously still asleep."

'Don’t turn the light off'.”

"I’m confused now, 'why?'"

“'They need to see."

”'Now I’m freaking the f*ck out wondering who is in our bedroom that I haven’t noticed."

“'Who needs to see?'”

"'The bugs.'”

“'Why do the bugs need to see?'”

“'To read'.”

'This happened months ago and I still haven’t let it go."- BoldBupropion

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As Long As He Could Laugh About It.

"He did that sit straight up in bed thing that I thought only happened in movies then shouted 'they're coming for my skinnnn'."

"Chuckled then fell back asleep."- visionsofk

Not The Answer They Were Expecting

"My mother loves to still bring this story up, happened back during my 8th grade year of school."

"One morning she walked in to see if I was awake, so she asked 'are you awake?' to which I apparently said 'f*ck, I don't know is it meteors' all while dead asleep."- schrack

So Many Questions...

"Not SO, but a roommate, woke up the whole house shouting 'Where is the head?! Where is the head?!'."- lotnia

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Who knows what's going through our partners minds when they begin talking in their sleep.

More often than not, they're probably in the midst of an intense dream or nightmare, and it's nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Should you ever hear your partner call out for "Ralph" however, you may have legitimate cause for concern...

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