People Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Seen That They Were Never Meant To See

People Describe The Creepiest Thing They've Seen That They Were Never Meant To See
Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

Sometimes we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We don't plan on it, but sometimes our curiosity--or bad timing--gets the best of us.

In those moments, we find ourselves suddenly staring dangerous or creepy things right in the face.

We try as hard as possible to leave the situation and go back to how we felt before. But some things are a bit too upsetting to let go of so quickly.

Some, in fact, stick around in our minds for a good while.

Redditor pikachu2_op asked:

"What's the most creepiest thing you've seen that you weren't supposed to see?"

Many Redditors shared stories about the creepy observations they've made that are very sexual. Sex positivity is one thing, and problematic is another.

Gotta Be A Felony

"Walked in on my gym teacher with his member out. In his office alone. In the seventh grade." -- devo23_

"What is it with middle school teachers? We had one science teacher whose contract was non-renewed because he would leave the students to run ourselves and go meet his boyfriend in the parking lot for... Things. We know this because once he actually parked in the lot outside of the classroom, which had big windows and you could see everything going on about ten feet away."

"Got caught (and fired) after a student turned him in and they found all of the history on his PC." -- LinkMom37

Way Too Intimate

"It's creepy to me but not all that creepy on the whole but on two different occasions I've helped my dad with his iPad and found very specific types of porn in open windows because he doesn't feel the need to close them apparently."

-- Cuboneskull

As Good A Place As Any

"When I was growing up, my Mom and Dad were shopping for a new house. We went to a new construction neighborhood to take a look.

"There was a model that my Mom liked and the sales lady said there was one being built down the street, it was about 50% done, but we can take a look to get an idea of the space. So we all hopped into the sales lady car and went to go look.

"We got in the house and she started to show us around. We went upstairs and in the 2nd-floor bedroom, there was a guy fully nude. I am 100% sure he heard us coming as the house was empty and our voices were slightly echoing as we moved around."

"My Mom screamed, the saleslady screamed, my Dad said 'WTF,' I was just hysterically laughing. The guy grabbed his clothing and just ran past us and out the house."

-- mrsheikh

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

"A classmate of mine was sitting weirdly and covered his crotch with his coat, he's acting weird, so I asked him if he's okay, and it turned out that he was jerking during the math class."

"Not sure whether it's hilarious or creepy, a little bit of both maybe. His awkward smile is both disturbing and funny."

-- Acceptable_lemonade

Does That Count As Ambient Music?

"Not see but hear. I was studying at the university library next to a guy who was listening to what I assumed to be music."

"He left to go to the bathroom, and when he took off his headphones I could hear that he was listening, very loudly, to some sort of anime loli moan compilation."

-- snoort

Others discussed the times they were unfortunate enough to stare death right in the face.

In His Chair

"Had to go to a coworker's apartment to retrieve office equipment and files, because he had died suddenly of a heart attack the night before."

"When I got there he was still in his recliner, the funeral home hadn't picked him up yet. I was not a happy puppy that day."

-- 1964GamerBro

Suddenly Gone

"On my way home, I was looking at a busy street from the subway platform I was on and I saw this guy that everyone knew as a scammer in the neighborhood. He'd throw himself In front of cars for money."

"But that day he threw himself Infront of a real nice car and it struck him real hard. He flew into the 4-way intersection, clearly shocked by the pain, and his head got crushed under a truck passing by that didn't slow down in time."

"It looked like a watermelon exploding. It's crazy seeing a full-on human who has existed for decades just stop existing in a few seconds."

-- stakedrivers

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Too Much Snooping

"My uncle was babysitting me when I was about 9 and so I went to work with him for the day. He was a landlord for some buildings in a city at the time and got complaints that an elderly woman hadn't been seen in a few days from the neighbors."

"She was on the ground floor and I think the door may have been locked from the inside with a chain or something but he had me climb in through the window to open the front door for him. My naturally curious self crawled through the window and instead of going straight for the front door I followed an awful smell towards the bedroom and found this lady face up on the ground dead."

"The place was a mess so I didn't immediately associate the bad smell with death but I bolted to the front door and watched them take her away in the ambulance. I don't know any legal answers here and I never really talked about it. Weird day"

-- Wellick342

Tough Day of Work for the Nanny

"When I was little me and my family lived over 20 kilometres from a city in the woods. We had a nanny stay with us when our parents were away."

"Once when only me, my sister ( we were around 8 years old ) and nanny were home while playing outside we saw a bunch of people emerge from the forest nearby and walk slowly like zombies towards our house, they tried climbing the fence, but they were too out of it to accomplish such a task."

"The nanny called our mom and she drove home from the city and took us all to our grandparents. We later found out that there was some drug infused party going on not too far from our home and 2 people died from overdosing, 1 from stab wounds there."

"To this day I feel super greatful that they were too tired or drugged-out to get past our fence that day and police was able to apprehend the ones that stayed around long enough."

-- Snapeeh

Eerie Timing

"I was working in a office at the bottom of an apartment building. I was out having a smoke between phone calls and I heard a noise from above and I looked up to see a middle aged woman coming straight down."

"I put my back against the wall and just watched the impact as it made a sound I'll never forget. I walked up to her to see if there was anything I could do. But I knew right away by her color and pool of blood forming beneath her i couldn't so I ran in and called 911. Police arrived and I filled a report, closed up the office and went home."

"The very next morning on my way to my other job I saw a person walking on the side of the highway. Maybe 10 minutes later I heard on the radio a pedestrian was struck on the same highway I was just on. So ya that was pretty weird.."

-- Lefebvre525

And others discussed the horrifying times they've encounter very dangerous people.

Not Very Neighborly

"As a kid I was walking through the woods when on holiday. I was only following the river up and down so I couldn't get lost. I saw a tarpaulin through the trees and thought I would go check it out. As I got close, someone I couldn't see said 'Turn around and keep walking.' "

"Which, unsurprisingly, I did. At a run."

"When walking back along the river the next day, the tarp was gone."

-- DoomsOfGod

Not a Group You Stick Around to Chat With

"When I was 15 me and a buddy were hiking along the Merced River to our fishing spot when we were stopped on the path by three guys with ball caps and bandanas covering their faces and holding shotguns. They told us to turn around and go back, which we did without question."

"Was very strange since we'd been down there dozens of times and had never seen them before or after this. Found out a few months after that there was a Klampers rally happening on the property of a guy who lived down there and they were guards."

-- Cwcooper57

Casing the Joint

"A few years ago I still lived in my parents house, it was about 11pm and our dog started barking viciously. The dog is only able to move around in the backyard, and normally he would bark at cats in the front yard, but something about his bark was different, so I walked to the window to see what was going on."

"I looked out and saw a man looking through the same window... We both froze and after a few seconds he ran off."

"A few weeks later when we came home after work all our electronics and expensive stuff was gone."

-- HeartStoneTV

The Lair

"A few years ago the wife and I were searching for our first home. I was in the basement of one of the places that we were looking at, and somehow noticed a light switch that seemed out of place. I was flicking the switch as my wife and agent came down the stairs. My agent noticed a bit of light comng from underneath the drywall framing the stairs."

"With a little further inspection I found a very tiny passage between the foundation wall, and the backside of the stairs."

"Said passage opened up into a undisclosed renovation that was a sub-basement room, that was completely rubberized with an industrial hose and shower head. Walls, ceilings and flooring was all rubber. It was 100% a secret murder room."

"My agent called the cops and 48hrs later the listing was removed and the home had police tape around it."

-- beelzebob909

Wrong Dwelling

"I worked at a Hospital when I was younger. Food service, delivering food trays to the patients. I walked into one of the psyc rooms unknowingly, there was a crazy lady sitting in a chair holding a bed pan full of feces. And let me tell you, when I say crazy, this woman had a look in her eye that I haven't ever seen and don't ever want to see again."

"She said 'if you don't get out of my dwelling, I'm gonna throw sh** on you little boy' I've never been so freaked out in my life!! Needless to say I dropped the damn tray and ran out."

-- Efrnzy

Here's hoping you've managed to stay out of these unlucky, unnerving situations.

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