People Share The Creepiest Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them

People Share The Creepiest Thing A Child Has Ever Said To Them
Image by Frank Spencer from Pixabay

The things children say can be adorable, and their parents often egg them on for further amusement.

But not everything they talk about conjures rainbows and unicorns and evokes feelings of pure joy.

But sometimes, our cherubic friends have the potential to say something completely unexpected that sends shivers down our spine.

Curious to hear of experiences from strangers, Redditor FiveDollar***jobs asked:

"[Serious] What is the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you?"

These kids had a staring problem. Maybe they were up to something as they dissected these Redditors' souls.

The Declaration

"I used to babysit this kid, who was overall very sweet, but when I would watch him overnight, he'd come into the room I was sleeping in and just stare at me, but he always listened when I told him to go back to bed."

"One time he asked me if I was asleep and when I said no, he said 'okay, I'll come back later' and left."

"I was scared at first, but then I remembered that he was 6 years old."


Demon Child

"When my sister was a kid, she used to sit up in the middle of the night and stare at me or the wall. I would wake up and she'd be staring in the dark. One night she was doing this and without turning to me she said 'I f'king see you' in a weird low voice and she laid back down and went to sleep."


Kid Vampire

"When my daughter was three, she told me to get out of bed or she'd peel my skin off with a knife."

"Also just before the pandemic hit, we were eating out and a man got up from another table to use the restroom. As he passed our table, she pointed at him and practically yelled 'hey mama, how much blood does that guy have?' He laughed nervously and walked a little faster."

"Both really threw me because she's typically a sweet kid- non-violent, gets concerned when people/animals are hurt, etc. and we monitor what she watches pretty diligently. She's five now, and hasn't said anything like that since."


How could kids possibly understand the concept of death? Maybe they know more than they let on.

God's Status

"Not directly at me, but I was there."

"Friend's 5 year old son. Sat playing happily with a toy, stopped dead, looked his father cold in the eye, asked 'why is God dead?' and then burst into tears."


Sixth Sense

"My daughter when she was like two, and not too long after my mother passed away, was fixated staring in the upper corner of our ceiling and we asked he what she was looking at and she said 'nana.'"


Baby Survivor

"The little boy I babysit (5 years old) has told me that he died when he was a baby by falling off a cliff but his dad climbed down and saved him. It wouldn't normally be creepy if he hadn't told me this story on multiple separate occasions."


Best Excuses For Late Assignments That Were Actually True | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

A Grave Prognosis

"My daughter told me that I wouldn't be alive for her high-school graduation, but that's okay because the blonde lady would be there with daddy. She also told me we lived in a wooden house in the snow with pheasants hanging from the roof and we all burnt to death. She was three. We live in Africa, she had never seen or heard of a pheasant. And when I asked her about it again later that night, she had no idea what I was talking about."


Something sinister may have been at play here.

Invisible Pursuer

"I worked at a summer camp and one kid had night terrors. In the dead of night he would scream dreadful things like 'Please just get the hell away from me!'"


Creepy Kid Chant

"I was on a plane once and they had to power down. Still on the tarmac."

"When the emergency lights came on a kid started singing Ring Around the Rosey."

"I didn't even let them finish the first sentence and yelled, 'No, we've all seen this movie. Just no.'"

"There were a few uncomfortable laughs but the kid stopped."


The Nightly Visitor

"When I stayed at my sibling's place, my niece asked if she could sleep with me. Told her that she can sleep with her parents or brother, but she refuses."

"Me: Well, how come you don't want to sleep with your parents or older brother?"

"Niece: I don't want to sleep Aunty, because when I do I see the big scary monster in my room. You're the only one that it won't go near."

"Next day I asked my sibling about her sleeping problems, and they told me for the past several days my niece had been crying every night and won't remember ever crying in her sleep. She was afraid of sleeping in her bedroom (she shared with her brother) and her parent's bedroom because the scary monster was always following her."


Doll Murderer

"Years ago, a young girl that I was babysitting wanted to play baby dolls with me. She picked up doll and said, 'Let's play poison the baby.' I was shocked and told her that this was not a good game. She asked me why and I said, 'Because you can't feed poison to babies, it will make them very, very sick.' She paused for a moment, got up and started throwing her items around while laughing and giggling. Yes, I told her mother when she came home from work."


The Late Night Announcement

"my then 2 year old son at 1am 'they're coming.'"


Gimme some skin takes on a whole other meaning here, and it might make your skin crawl.

Face Mask

"When my daughter was 3 she told me that when I died she would wear my face so she could always see my smile."


The Forever Suit

"I wish I could cut you open and wear you like a suit. Then you'd never leave me."

"Did not like hearing that."


Look, we know not everything kids say are not worth capturing on video and posting on social media, but it is jarring when the most innocent of faces have the potential to utter things like, "I f'king see you."

Yeah, sometimes, children should only be seen and not heard.

But only when they have murderous intentions.

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