People Share The Creepiest Facts They Know About Human Nature

Sometimes learning about us humans is downright scary.

The things we're capable of... or the things we're too stupid not to be aware of, is mind-boggling.

And the more we know, the better we can cope and maneuver.

Redditor rui_xox33 wanted to discuss some of the darker aspects about this mortal coil, so they asked:

"What are some creepy facts about human nature?"

Get Naked

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"On a recent date with a CSI agent I learned that a lot of people die naked on or near the toilet. Apparently people get very hot and try to strip down when close to death."


Like a Starfish

"We possess the genes for regeneration similar to starfish and salamanders. They are on the same chromosome as the genes for scar tissue formation. However they are not turned on whereas the scar tissue genes are."

"So technically, we could pull a Piccolo and regenerate limbs like a starfish."

"But we don't because it's waaay too metabolically demanding on energy. If we could do it, you'd likely shave years off of your life in exchange. Instead we make scar tissue to reinforce the injured area."


Moving Parts

"After a back surgery, your organs might have been moved to perform certain parts of the surgery. The doctors don't move your organs back to their original place. This funny feeling you get after the surgery is your organs moving themselves back to their original place. Yes, they are capable of that."


Separate Systems

"The eyes have a separate immune system than the rest of the body. If your body's immune system realizes your eyes exist, it'll attack the eyes and reject them from the body as it would a virus."


"I also have a fun (?) fact about the eyes: The retina isn’t really fixed in the eyes."

"The part where the nerves leave them is quite inflexible but towards the outside/lens the retina is staying because of osmotic pressure. I know because I had a blood vessel that somehow leaked and a couple of months later the retina in that eye detached in a big way. It’s not so funny when several doctors say something like, 'that doesn’t look good' when examining your eye."


Object Around You...

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"If you happen to have brain injury, there is a condition that makes you unable to recognize objects around you. Like, you will see a fork, the colors and the shape of it, but you can’t know how to use it, if it’s edible or not, etc. Pretty scary thing to imagine."


Brains and forks, not always a great combo.

From the Top

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"The call of the void. This occurs when humans are on high places, like rooftops or cliffs, and get the urge to jump. It’s actually pretty common."


'Clearly Remember'

"Learned memories, i.e. people 100% sure they remember things which actually never happened but were told many times by media/memes/others. I observed this for certain episode which happened less than 10 years ago and which everyone whom I asked witnessed themselves personally, but they all 'clearly remember' it in a way it was presented in memes and jokes and not how they actually saw it happen."


Head Issues

"Risks during birth are abnormally high compared to other species. Because of our upright gait (mother's narrow pelvis) and big heads, fetuses cannot 'fully' gestate until being born. Humans have to be born prematurely while the head is still tiny and squishy. Otherwise, childbirth would not be survivable at all."


"Gives Out"

"Most people that die due to hypothermia get naked before dying."

"This is because, blood stops flowing to your extremities, so you don't lose body heat. Just before death, the brain kinda 'gives out' and allows blood flow to return to normal. This sends warm blood to your cold limbs, making you feel very hot and sweaty, so you strip."



Season 9 Phoebe GIF by FriendsGiphy

"That pretty much everyone has the capacity for extreme evil given the right circumstances."


Humans are weird. I wanna be a spider.

How about you? Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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