People Explain Which Country Will Most Likely Start World War III

People Explain Which Country Will Most Likely Start World War III
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No one wants war.

This is a thing said a lot in war films, idolizing and making the entire concept of war seem "totally rad" and "cool" while trying to get across to the audience how awful it all really is.
While we might not ever see a boots-on-the-ground type war like we did in Europe a hundred years ago, with the advent of technology and nuclear warheads being so prevalent in the world's super powers, there is still that fear in the back of our mind:

Who is going to light the powder keg and set it all off?

Reddit user, u/Low-Adeptness-5496, wanted to know who to pass the blame to when they asked:

"Which country will start WW3? Why?"

Does anyone really want to start another world war?

They may not have a choice in the matter.

Getting It Out Of The Way Early

"Austrian here, we will do it again probably, I would like to say sorry in advance! Most plausible reason at the moment is because Germans eat schnitzel with sauce on top, then this conflict will spiral out again into WW3." ~ bibelwerfer

"Entirely reasonable"

-Another Austrian ~ Applepieoverdose

"Third time's the charm!"

-Some Austrian, probably ~ ConservativeSexparty

Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo

"It'll be a civil war that devolves into a world war, with no one country clearly responsible for this change." ~ JohnSmiththeGamer

"But we'll blame it all on germany again, right" ~ insertstalem3me

Why I Oughtta...


"At this point, there are enough nukes in the world to ensure that a World War would simply result in nuclear annihilation on all sides. Say what you want about authoritarians like Xi Jinping, Kim Jung Un, and Ali Khameni, they are many things; but they're not suicidal. They know that an all out war would just end everyone, including them, so they're not going to. This is why the US and the USSR never went to all out war, despite coming close a few times; the risks were just too great for both sides."

"What could easily happen, however, is another cold war, this time between the US and China. And like in the Cold War, there could be proxy wars fought as a result of it, but it's unlikely that any country will take the insane risks of starting World War 3." ~ mrmonster459

A full-blown world war is a tricky thing to get off the ground, that is if anyone wants it. The leading cause to impending war could come out of nowhere, or somewhere completely unexpected, or perhaps it will never come.

Just Normal People

"Idk if im just optimistic, dumb or dont know enough geopolitical stuff but i dont think there will be full blown ww3. I feel with social media and internet most have come to realize the people in countries like iran, pakistan, north korea and whatever other places have demonized are actually just normal people if not more loving and welcoming than we are."

"plus with the amount of tech out there, i dont think a conventional war between millions of men would be needed or would even work." ~ LastPut5374

2-Day War Delivery

"Bruh its gunna be Amazon, not a country" ~ Sh-tPost5000

"Jeff Bezos finna be dropping Amazon basics nukes on us" ~ GetBaited69

Can It Even Happen?

"I don't think the world can handle another world war. simply for the sake that we're all so interconnected. every major nation trades with each other and are in bed with each other. I would be a detriment to whatever country starts a war." ~ GramcrackerWarlord

"Think about how the global supply chain has been impacted by the pandemic, the world would probably cease to function all together in a major conflict." ~ choirzopants

Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

We all have a set of beliefs about even the smallest of topics. Like sandwiches should have structural integrity. That's something we can all agree on, right...

"There was a quote I liked, I think it was from Dan Carlin. He said that leading up to WWI Europe had become too economically entwined to go to war with itself, but none of the economists were invited to the war councils. The generals making the decisions didn't understand the situation so they made dumb decisions. The situation is undoubtably more-so interconnected today, the question is, do we have economists making the call on starting wars?" ~ saluksic

Our Losses Wouldn't Equal Our Output

"China or Russia pushing their sphere of influence, or Iran pushing openly against Israel. But I don't think a war will ever go global like WWII."

"I think the First Gulf War was the closest we'll ever really get to one again as the war will be over too fast for alliances to develop and armies to mobilize. Military hardware now is so complex and takes so long to manufacture, you can't replace it as fast as it will be destroyed in a WWII-type conflict."

"I believe it was historian Sir John Keegan, when talking about WWIII in the 80s, described WWIII as being a 'come as you are' war, as you'll be headed into war with what you have already stockpiled, and that will be gone before you ever have a chance to replace it. And at that point, if you're on the losing side and have nuclear weapons, there's only one direction left to go." ~ banjowashisnamo

A Little Humor Before We Get To The Serious Stuff...

"Probably America, I mean they made Wonder Woman 1 & 2, so highly likely they'd make WW3. At least start it. Not sure why someone else would finish it." ~ counselthedevil

"No, they don't know how to count.. They jumped from WW1 to WW84." ~ beAftab

Is it in the realm of possibility? Possibly.

After all, people will be people.

It Has Been A Rough Couple Of Years

"CHINA. America is currently destroying itself from the inside out, and most countries want to overthrow us cause we hold a lot of power." ~ smertperson

Anyone Else Surprised? No?

"America have a surplus of military might, a recent history of starting wars for profit, EVERYTHING is politicised and extreme nationalism and xenophobia are normalised within the populace. I'm going with them." ~ Corbotron_5

These All Feel Tangible

"My guesses would be 1) USA vs China over Taiwan or 2) China vs India (a lot on tension there that doesn't get a lot of news attention)" ~ GiftGrouchy

"India-Pakistan and China-India are hot beds." ~ GrinReaver87

"India and Pakistan have been at war numerous times since their inception. 5 'official' wars and 9 minor skirmishes, to be exact. The last conflict ended with a ceasefire in 2003, but the last incident was a series of skirmishes along the Line of Control in Kashmir, from November 2020 to February 2021."

"Neither is capable of a full-fledged invasion of the other, so it's limited to border disputes. And while Pakistan does have nukes, it would be suicide to use them. There's no incentive for any other countries to get involved." ~ DarkNinjaPenguin

Going For It

"China making a move on Taiwan or some other land grab in India or other bordering countries." ~ Vegaman11998823

An Infectious Idea

"India and Pakistan. It will spread to China, then North Korea (or North Korea first) and pull in many others in Asia. This will pull in NATO, either directly or via global partners (Australia)." ~ stephenmjay

This One Makes WAY Too Much Sense

"Twitter. Someone will probably make a typo that everyone takes the wrong way..." ~ ihatenuts69

Well, what do you think could happen? Let us know in the comments.

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