People Describe The 'Coke Vs. Pepsi' Of Their Professional Industries

People Describe The 'Coke Vs. Pepsi' Of Their Professional Industries
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Us vs. them.

That is one of the main issues of life.

It is especially prominent in the business world.

When certain products or companies have similarities, it often turns into a sparring match.

Whose better? More efficient? Us or them?

It's in all industries too. Look at movies...

"Armageddon" vs "Deep Impact."

Remakes vs originals. A good rivalry keeps you on your toes.

Especially in business.

Redditor theoptionexplicitwanted to hear about the best professional rivalries. They asked:

"What is the 'coke vs. pepsi' of your industry?"

Pepsi. I'm a Pepsi person. But drink Coke. But I give Pepsi the edge.


Playing Around Acoustic Guitar GIF by Miss LizzGiphy

"Fender or Gibson."


"Gibson for the heavier stuff, Fender for the blues."


The Build

"AMD vs Intel."


"So many people are following build guides that suggest buying the cheaper AMD processors, that the cheap AMD processors are now more expensive than the higher performance Intel processors AMD is typically better performance for the price, but it's important to check that you're still getting a good deal before blindly following build guides these days 👍🏻."


Who has the Power?

"Milwaukee vs Dewalt (I'm at a hardware store)."


"Dewalt is my power tool go-to, but when it comes to my heated jacket, measuring tapes and utility knives, I'm always going Milwaukee. Not that I think one is superior (cause I don't need them all that much), just how it ended up."


"I'm a Carpenter, I've got Milwaukee cordless gear and Dewalt dropsaw, thicknesser and table saw+lots of other random branded stuff."


Sky Wars

"Boeing vs. Airbus. Fight me. I ain't riding no damn Scarebus. They will still be talking about the 747 in 50 years. The only thing they will be talking about with the 380 is how bad of a plane it really is. Besides, Boeing finally ramped down 747 production only in the last 10 years or so, after it being in service for over 40 years. The 380 barely lasted 20 before Airbus cancelled the program. Boeing all day long. Every day."


sound quality

Record Player Records GIF by Vinyl Me, PleaseGiphy

"Direct drive vs belt driven. For the record I was talking about vinyl turntables."


Well now those are somethings I knew nothing about. I figured a guitar is just a guitar. Such a novice.

Ways to Pasture

Judy Garland Musicals GIFGiphy

"John Deere vs. Case IH."


"I’m not a farmer but I grew up in the country and one of our spirit days at school was JD vs CIH."



"Bayesian vs. frequentist statistics."


" This is a good explanation. You have a system for detecting if the sun explodes. There is a 1 in 36 chance that it lies. Frequentists look purely at the current data set. The experiment says the sun exploded. There is only a 1 in 36 chance that is false and a 35/36 chance its true. So it must be true. P is the interval that describes how confident they are."

"So frequentists might say - its likely the sun exploded. Bayesians look at prior events and apply probability to the event. That is the probability of the sun randomly exploding is very very very low. One in a trillion trillion. It has never exploded before. We know what causes suns to explode."

"We know thats not happening to the sun. The fact the sun wont explode modifies their result. It's more likely that the machine rolled double 6. You might think great, just use baysiean! But it requires data on the probability of events which requires a lot of computing power."


Software Decisions...

"Rockwell vs Siemens."


"Went BeckHoff recently. Probably one of my favourites so far. They took a software engineering approach to their programming which I really liked. The downside is that if you technologists or electricians, they may not like learning C, Python if you do go that route. Still does LD ST though."


"Schneider! Or literally any of them because they're all just different flavours of masochism - whether it's on the UI side, the functional side or the customer support side."


Hot Crap

"Bentley (Inroads/Openroads) vs Autodesk (AutoCAD Civ3D). Civil engineer. Both product lines are broken, unoptimized flaming pieces of hot freaking crap. If anyone from Bentley/Autodesk is reading: your products are broken, unoptimized flaming pieces of hot freaking crap."


"I’m currently enrolled in a whole class dedicated to teaching AutoCAD and holy hell. Flaming piece of hot crap is an understatement."


It's all Bad...

Mad Scientist Oops GIF by Fun'n'Fab LABGiphy

"Quest vs LabCorp."


"Nothing personal but you both suck. Lab took us to collections for a $2.94 charge 2 years after the date. Collections offered me a 12 month payment plan and I took it being a smart a**."


"Ugh, they both want to charge me $650 for a TB diagnostic blood work. This comment gave me rage."


My American Buddy...



"My German professor that taught an IFRS course for a class of international exchange students at university once said 'Most countries use IFRS, with the exception of some small, developing economies, like the US, which uses US GAAP.' My American buddy thought it was funny."



"Library of Congress vs. Dewey decimal."


"My problem is that Melvil Dewey was a racist POS, but I don't understand LOC at all. I can use it but I don't know how it works. Dewey but only bc I'm stuck with it."


"Been using LOC for about 25 years. Can pretty much give you any LC number you need off the top of my head. Couldn’t begin to tell you where anything is in Dewey. LC all the way!"



"As a game developer, it's definitely Unity vs Unreal engine."


"Depends what you want to do. Without getting too into it, Unity is used a lot more in mobile development where Unreal is used a lot more in AAA games and now movies."


"Cry engine had some success but it's far behind UT or Unity. ID tech is used by most Bethesda's games but I'm not even sure they licence it to other studio at the moment. There are a few studio that still use their own tech, especially when they can use it on several games like Ubisoft or Sony's guerilla game, but aside from a few exceptions the market is shared between UT and unity. And unity is losing."



"Michelin vs Pirelli."


"Anything but Pirelli."


"Last year I bought Continental Premium Contact 6 for about €80 a piece (215/55/R16) and it was beyond my expectations, especially in the wet. There are many similarly priced tires, but they always fall back in performance. I guess Continental doesn't have that good prices outside of Europe."



homer simpson bed GIFGiphy

"Conn vs. Holton. French Horn player here. I know there are other options but when I was in High School and College, this was the debate."


Go Home

"Thermo Fisher vs Thermo Fisher."


"Thermo Fisher had an advertising team put up a tent outside my lab once and I just went up to them and said 'Hey, just letting you know that pretty much every lab in this building uses exclusively your products. You can go home.'"


"F**K THERMO FISHER (had a creepy ass boss there and HR did not care)!"


On the Shelf

"Lean Manufacturing vs. Toyota Production System vs. Six Sigma."


"Lean is the dumbest thing ever. We have people spending $25 for an O ring twice a month because they only order one at a time to prevent overstock rather than just buying the 100 we could for $25 and keeping them on a shelf."


Not so...

"Epic vs Allscripts. (The answer is Epic, btw)."


"At this point it’s really Epic vs everyone else. Based on past experiences if the hospital can afford it they should go with Epic. Don’t get me wrong Epic has plenty of faults. It the good definitely outweighs the bad."


Sexy Wars

Queen Rihanna GIFGiphy

"Victoria’s Secret VS Savage Fenty I openly tell my customers to try savage fenty if they can’t find their size online or in store. Savage fenty is way better."


There are always going to rivalries and sides to take. That is what keeps capitalism alive.

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