Citizens Of The World Explain What Is Wrong With Their Country

Citizens Of The World Explain What Is Wrong With Their Country
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No country is a perfect place to live.

While a favorite pastime of the internet is to talk about how amazing it would be to live in other parts of the world, it's important to remember there is no absolutely unproblematic place. Every country has problems, and learning to live with those problems is necessary if you want to reside or visit there.
However, sometimes the reason why a country sucks can be a little too much.

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm and sexual assault.

Reddit user, u/SKTPF, wanted to hear how lame your country is when they asked:

Why does your country suck?

Just because a country is beautiful to look at, doesn't mean it doesn't have its issues under the surface.

Pretty To Look At, Tough To Live In

"Today I learned it has way more expensive gas than neighboring countries and even more expensive gas than Austria. On the other hand minimum salary is 560 euro, while minimum salary in Austria is 1500 euro."

"My country is Croatia. And its economy rly sucks. All the prices (renting, food, etc) are the same like other EU countries but people just have way smaller salaries."

"Because of that many young people emigrated to Ireland and other countries, and the population is falling hard, and getting older and older."

"On the other hand it is a country full of sea, sun, islands, nature and beauty. Definitely nice to live in if you have a decent salary."


"Argentina — nobody knows why it doesn't".

"Argentina. Terrible governance, corruption, never-ending economic crises, poverty and insecurity. We have meat, cereals, fish, oil, minerals, beautiful and diverse landscapes. We were once the richest country in the world (1895). But now the situation is constantly worsening."

"Nobel winning economist Simon Kuznets stated that there are four sorts of countries: "developed countries, underdeveloped countries, Japan — nobody knows why it grows — and Argentina — nobody knows why it doesn't".


Unable To Agree In Bosnia

"There are 3 presidents so nothing will ever get solved"


"Please elaborate?"


"There are 3 presidents, 1 of each ethnicity that makes up the country, most of which hate each other. Impossible to come to terms with one another, imagine if the US had 2 presidents that were opposite political parties, they would never agree with each other enough to accomplish anything."


It's Tea Tim--And We're Baking

"In England, it never snows and never stops raining. The weather is ass because it's so windy and cold all the time that no house has A/C so when it's summertime and a 'heatwave' happens we all bake alive. Also, a heatwave for us is like 32°C."


The worse thing about some of these places is how they treat their own citizens.

Or, how they don't treat their citizens.

Trouble On The Island

"New Zealand. We have the highest teen suicide rates sadly. I wish we could do something to change this. I know people are trying but its really not going anywhere. Of course, people with money and power don't do much either."


"In my opinion. It's probably because of our living cost as well as house prices. Cost of everything is increasing so fast and our wage increase is nothing compare to it. Your life savings is nothing compare to the people who already have 2 investment properties, they are going to out bid you straight away. If you want a property in NZ you have to buy one in the rural areas. Thinking about the future is so dam depressing."


A Slow Erosion

"Offshore processing of asylum seekers. The slow erosion of a great healthcare and educational system due to years of conservative governments."




Too Drunk To Work

"We got drunk president that is in hospital in critical condition rn and his spokesman is saying hes completely ok which hes not. Also our soon to be ex prime minister is pretty much a mob. He kidnapped his own son and send him to Krym bcs he could testify in tax and dotation fraud. (Czechia btw.)"


These are just unforgivable.

Anyone? Anyone?

"mass shootings and sh-t healthcare"


"Ooh ooh I know the answer to this question of which country this is. Pick me."


"The healthcare is fantastic."

"Its the price that will getcha"


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Pretty Sure Someone Once Said, "This Is America."

"I live in America. The land of the free. Until you have to live here. America isn't safe depending where you live. It's sad bullet proof backpacks have to be a thing. That getting a gun for kids becomes easier and easier. That your not accepted by society based on things you can't change. That obesity is so common and fast food chains could care less about your health. Just your money."

"Women can't walk the streets alone without a wepon or someone they trust. Hell, nobody can be alone at night either. America is a very greedy country. Weather it's money, or taking someone's lives, or making themselves feel better, nobody ever cares for the other person. This is America."


An Imperfectly Perfect System For Criminals In Sweden

"Our law system."

"In our country, when a crime is commited, u get a sentence, and then u can get some of the sentence removed."

"For an example, "u were under 18 when it happened? 10% off!" "U have a bad situation at home? Very well then, only one year prison instead of three".

"There was an instance where a serial assaulter was given 840 000SEK (around 105 000 dollars) because he was detained, awaiting trial, for the same amount of time as the sentence that he was given, which was around two years. This man assaulted multiple girls and walked out of court a near-millionaire."


"Swede here and i instantly understood what you meant"


A Lot To Learn

"Portugal. It is in general a very pacific country, but people only take into account public crimes. Domestic violence, abuse, r@pes, all that gets swiped under the rug. Our criminal law doesn't even recognize involuntary manslaughter. Everything considered involuntary manslaughter gets pushed into negligent homicide, which is beyond ridiculous."

"People here are also very judgmental and close minded, about literally everything from sexuality to gender to clothing, everything. Portugal is a nice country with some nice people, but we, as a country, have A LOT to work on"


The Pandemic Hits Everyone, Everywhere

"Our healthcare is free yet I am terrified to go to the emergency because I will probably be dismissed, rushed, or have to wait 12+ hours in a chair..."

"...First, I absolutely don't want to make a point that free healthcare is bad. I actually should have emphasized the issue is corruption and mismanagement of public funds. I'm in Quebec and have myself worked a long time in the system. It's badly managed from the top down, but don't get me wrong, private is bad, really bad. I worked at a clinic that has public and private services and the social inequalities are insane."

"About other provinces, sorry for the Maritimes, it sounds rough. I've heard Ontario isn't as bad as here. Would be interesting to see the best healthcare in Canada is where"

"Finally, I also heard it is bad like this everywhere else right now and I agree. But you can't even imagine how bad it was pre pandemic already. It is a long complexe issue though and the solution is absolutely NOT to privatize. If anything, over here we have a double system and guess what the public one is turning to sh-t while all the good doctors are turning to private."

"This pandemic has been rough for everyone. Hold strong!!"


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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