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Chrissy Teigen Made A Legit Menu For Her Picky Eating 2-Year-Old—And The Struggle Is Real 😂


If there's one thing we all know about toddlers, it's that they're picky about their food. You can throw a hundred suggestions at your kids only to have them to frustrate you so much that you end up telling them to eat what you make or go hungry.

That's exactly why brilliant suggestions about how to encourage children to eat get shared so much.

Chrissy Teigen shared on her Instagram and Twitter proof of where she is in her toddler food negotiations.

Teigen has made a restaurant-style menu with the food her daughter, Luna, will eat. The laminated pages have pictures of the meals, descriptions of the recipes, and even prices.

As she flips through the menu, Teigen says:

"I have a problem."

The menu includes Cereal with Bananas.

There's a classic Grilled Cheese.

Let's not forget Cheese Quesadillas, with an option to add chicken.

Who wouldn't love Crispy Fishsticks and Chicken Tenders?

And the menu is rounded out with Ham and Cheese "Lunables."

As for those prices, Teigen has a plan for them as well.

It's a pretty wonderful idea.

This menu seems like good practice for the children's cookbook Teigen is writing.

Back in October, at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, Teigen announced the project.

"I know kids have really simple palates and we all want to make them more refined, but they're just kids, so we're gonna do stuff that kids are going to love."

Teigen and her husband, John Legend, have been very public with their children, with Teigen often sharing little clips and photos to her Instagram, often to the internet's delight. Back in August they shared that, for the new school year, Luna had pushed a boy down.

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