Chance The Rapper Went Undercover As A Lyft Driver To Raise Money For Chicago Public Schools ❤️

Ever wondered what it'd be like to have a Grammy winning rapper drive you around in a Lyft? Chance the Rapper is here to answer.

In a joint effort with Lyft, Chance the Rapper, born Chancelor Jonathan Bennet, took the wheel to raise awareness for a cause near to his heart.

In a video posted to the ride share giant's YouTube page, Chance begins by stating he's there in support of Chicago Public Schools and the Social Works charity. Lyft is instituting a program in the area to encourage riders to round up their fares in support of the arts and music institutions.

Of course, that meant Chance had to become an undercover Lyft driver to get these super fans going.

Chance introduces himself in the video as "John," adorned in beanie and shades to cover up his face. He plays it cool, asking the passengers where they're from, how their day's going, and so on. Right from the get-go, the 25-year old rapper starts dropping hints about his true identity.

"I never use GPS. They say, 'Never leave things up to chance.' I say, "Always leave things up to chance.' You know?" he says at one point.

The rider chuckles, and goes back to staring out the window.

He doesn't stop there, though.

At different times he references a few of his notable hits, claiming he wants a statue built in his name, then another time slyly rewords lyrics from his Coloring Book hit "All Night."

"I just don't like when they spill fries on the seat. Sometimes people lie on the seat. Fart on the seat."

For a few lucky riders, "John" shared his dream to one day become a rapper or poet of some kind. Sensing their driver wants to share his "gift" with them, they listened as Chance attempted to "badly" spit rhymes.

Not everyone was fooled, though. "What's your name?" the rapper asked one passenger. After shaking his hand in disbelief, he turned to buckle himself up in shock.

"Wh-whoa," the passenger said.

"Whoa what?" Chance said.

"Do you know who you are?" the passenger repeated, still in awe of the man driving him around.

The video ends with Chance removing his beanie and blowing the minds of all his riders.

"I'm kind of f-cked up, right now," said one passenger.

Another said, "This is the coolest thing I've ever been part of."

Chance ended his mind-rocking experience by reminding the passengers that by donating to the Chance Fund on Lyft, they can help Chicago Public Schools.

Check out the full video below:

Undercover Lyft with Chance the Rapper

Fans were delighted with this video. May quoted their favorite lines and expressed their love:









Others questioned how more people didn't figure out who Chance was, even with his "disguise" on:




Others questioned the validity of this video, calling it "fake":






But mostly, people just LOVED the grandma!



We should all be so lucky to get Chance the Rapper as our Lyft driver!

H/T: YouTube, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone

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