Catherine Zeta-Jones' and Michael Douglas' eldest child, Dylan, is beginning college at Brown University. Like any proud mother, Zeta-Jones couldn't help but grab some cell-phone videos of move-in day, which she posted to Instagram for us all to enjoy!

Zeta-Jones, 48, captioned her picture:

Let the lectures really begin! I love you Dylan. Good luck in the next exciting and enlightening chapter of your life 😘

The whole family, including Dylan's sister Carys, 15, came along to wish Dylan good luck. The video shows a bunch of cute moments with the family, including an emotional goodbye hug between brother and sister, as well as the installation of some SICK British-themed bedding.

Zeta-Jones loves to post about the family on Instagram! Followers last heard about Dylan when she posted:

Graduation around the corner! So proud of you Dylan, college bound! Love you so,

alongside a picture of Dylan on his way to senior prom!

Dylan also became an uncle recently. His brother Cameron Douglas, from Michael Douglas' first marriage to Diandra Luker, recently had a child with girlfriend Viviane Thibes. He now has a niece: little Lua Izzy!

Michael Douglas told PEOPLE how happy he is to see his family growing:

Dylan and Carys love being an aunt and uncle and we're so happy to be her Bubba and Zeze.

It seems the Douglas clan is going strong! Here's to one of Hollywood's cutest power couples!

H/T - People, Instagram

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