People Break Down The All-Time Best Fast Food Restaurants

hamburger with vegetables and meat beside French fries
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While it's important to eat healthy, it's not uncommon to sometimes crave something greasy and fattening.

Since everything is good in moderation, it's not a bad thing to want a meal of burgers, fries, and a milkshake. However, it is important to find out where to get the best.

There are countless fast food restaurants in the world. There are about seven located two minutes from my house! That's why it's no surprise that everyone has a different opinion on which place is the best.

Redditors have differing opinions on what the "right answer" is, and they're ready to share.

It all started when Redditor the_idea_ asked:

"What is the BEST fast food restaurant?"

No Substitute

"I’m here as an ex manager of a Taco Bell to say the food is garbage. Nothing fresh whatsoever. But I’d still eat there every day if I could. Solid f*cking garbage. Lived off of those five layer burritos."

– N1lb0g001

"Nobody going to Taco Bell goes there because the food is good, or even because they want Mexican food. They're going because they want Taco Bell, and there is no substitute."

"I do well enough avoiding fast food aside from the occasional CFA breakfast sandwich, but when I do have a craving, it's for Taco Bell every time."

– duffman13jws

Quality Over All

"Worked at Wendy’s and the food quality was surprisingly fresh. Salads were made to order and management was strict about food timers. All of the ground beef was delivered 3-4 times a week and never frozen. Would say their food quality makes them a favorite in my mind"

– RoombaRUs

"Honestly, that's such a glowing review."

"If an ex-employee of a fast food place speaks this highly of it, you know it's good."

"I learned the secrets of McDonald's 12 years ago and still have nightmares about the food safety I witnessed."

– JaydedGaming

​The Right Ingredients

"I worked at a wide variety of fast food restaurants about 15 years ago (Wendy’s, Jack in the Box and Sonic) and honestly, Sonic was leagues ahead of the others. We used actual cream, not powdered dairy product in all ice cream/deserts. Onion rings were cut fresh in house and there was a real dedication to cleanliness and food safety. To this day Sonic is my go to fast food."

– Dendritic1

"Their commitment to a beverage is unmatched and I love that about them. I don’t even need food, I have all my daily calories in this route 44 cherry limeade."

– PossumJenkinsSoles

It's All About The People

"I know this is kind of a non-answer but honestly the staff at any given restaurant can make or break the quality. I'm a fan of the Burger King near me because they train and treat their staff exceptionally well, and it shows in the quality of the food, but I've been to plenty of other locations that are just gross. So I'm sure there are cities where Wendy's or McDonalds are the best locally, and I'm sure that the reason for that is because of good management and happy employees."

– scojo12345

I'll Drive If I Have To

"As a Californian I feel obligated to say In N Out, but honestly I like Dairy Queen. I don't really see them here. Like at all. But they're in Oregon everywhere so close enough."

– KingOfTheLifeNewbs

"Dairy Queen has pretty solid burgers and aren't super expensive. And Blizzards are the best. I'd pick them over McD's and BK any day."

– ReflexImprov

Only One Coast

"How is In N Out this low on the list? I guess because it's regional?"

"It's the ONLY fast food that looks EXACTLY like the advertisement. It tastes amazing, and 2 double-doubles is like $11 - animal style, add chili's."

"The fries are trash though - complete garbage. Some people think otherwise, and it's ok to be wrong."

– Observationistic

"I looked up why In N Out never expanded. Apparently they only have west coast beef farms. Refused to freeze and ship to expand. Also they donate to all manners of non profits. In N Out for the win."

– NorCal130

Only One Answer

"Bojangles. No further questions at this time."

– OkActive448

"Mmmm. Bojangles biscuits. Nothing short of amazing."

– HangrySkeptic

That Sailor Man


– Much_Committee_9355

"Oh lawd... that chicken good."

– Goblue5891x2

"Their red bean and rice- yes please"

– Junior-Lie4342

​A Good Burger


– fruitpony

"Welcome to goodburger home of the goodburger! Can I take your order?"

– Mobile-Dragonfly5123

My Body Is No Temple Anymore

"five guys. cheeseburguer with mustard and hot sauce and all the coca cola you can down. it's artery poison but worth every bite"

– madkeepz

"Plus a small Cajun fry that includes 10% of a potato crop yield"

– jcrewjr

That's A Rave!

"Try Arby's sandwiches. The best."

– It_Could_Be_True

"i'm like 200 comments in before I found Arby's. Man, they deliver so much good stuff! i've been loving the spicy roast beef they have out right now."

"I just don't know any other restaurant where you can get a gyro, a reuban, or a french dip, and they all just slap. not to mention the sauces... totally underappreciated restaurant."

– HighlightFun8419

Behind These Castle Walls

"White castle. I'll fight you on this"

– Pleasant-Package-745

It's The Same In Every Country

"McDonald's is always there for you, it doesn't matter what city you're in."

– han7nah

"And definitely not the best food, but the most iconic. Both in flavor and smells.😌😌😌"

– PrincessHootHoot

All The Choices

"A place that a lot of people don't have, which is Cookout. Unbelievable amount of choices and sides. And some of the best milkshake flavors known to man(kind)"

– BaconFlavoredToast

"the first time i went to one the fact that i could order a corndog with a side of corndog made me lose it, we were all deliriously tired and that was hilarious"

– Melbuf

"I think the pricing sets it apart. Even if the food isn’t great in a vacuum, knowing that I got a huge meal for less than 10$ makes it taste better"

– clout-trout


"This thread gave me like a hundred different food cravings all at once"

– Beatrixkiddobangbang

Me too! I've got to go order some food now!

Did we leave any of your favorites off the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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