People Describe The Biggest Thanksgiving Related Drama They Experienced This Year
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Thanksgiving: It's a holiday that often brings up a lot of drama. As every holiday season rolls around, we muster up the energy and the courage to go back to our family's and in-law's homes to try and enjoy a meal together.

If you've every had a strained relationship with a family member, this is usually the time where the tension spills over like the gravy from the tureen.

On TikTok, people are joking about how they chose to purposefully ruin thanksgiving for their family. Some are deciding they don't want to celebrate it all together.

Redditor TheInward07 asked:

"What was your thanksgiving drama this year?"

We want the juicy details.


"My 21-year old sister will graduate from college in less than a month. My brother congratulated her on being the first person in our family to graduate college without getting pregnant."

"Turns out that's not true. She started sobbing and got in her car and drove away. Whoops."

- persondude27

"I have a history of saying sh*t to someone at exactly THE WRONG moment in that person's life. I can relate..."

- Billy_Boognish

She wanted to reconcile.

"My mom, who I've been no contact with for most of my life, said she wanted to reconcile and please come to Thanksgiving so she could see her grandson. She wasn't there when we arrived, and told my sister that she didn't want to have dinner with us."

"Literally nobody cared, and we had a great Thanksgiving without her. Honestly dodged a bullet."

- evanjw90

"It sounds so ridiculous but I think that situations like this are sometimes about control. If OP instigated no-contact and took that control away from the parent, this might be their way of re-asserting their dominance? Kind of like 'You don't want to see me? Ha, I don't want to see you.'"

"Narcissists are a**holes."

- SteampunkCupcake_

Hot gravy.

"The gravy was a war crime. The plastic cooking utensil melted into it. I was the first to find out."

- AbheyBloodmane


- who_took_tabura

"'I wonder where that spoon went, whatever.'"

- itzstago

Beggars can't be choosers.

"My thanksgiving dinner was me, my parents, and my younger sister. Just the four of us at my parents' home."

"Mom got a text message from my aunt (mom's sister) about how grandma (mom's mom) was badmouthing the food she made and talking about how her boys (mom and aunt's brothers) can't be expected to eat this stuff. Mom texted aunt back with, 'Tell her that guests don't get to complain about free food, they just get to choose if they want to eat or not.'"

"Apparently aunt took this advice, because about 20 minutes later mom got several texts and voicemails (she didn't answer her phone) about how aunt kicked people out early and how mom 'ruined thanksgiving' by telling aunt to say that."

"This is why we stopped going to family thanksgivings, by the way."

- partofbreakfast

"Mom’s the hero there!"

- mamacrocker

"And great job aunt for sticking up for herself and kicking them out."

- dcormier

Grandma and Grandpa were a little chaotic.

"Father in law got drunk, took his shirt off and then arm wrestled my son (lost). Then tried to tackle his daughter (my wife) (also lost). Everyone is worried grandma has dementia but for some reason she made a 'pie.' Everyone ate it and pretended it was pie. Not sure what to call it; it was in a pie pan, there was no crust. It had apples."

- _Stamos

"Deconstructed apple pie."

- Viletwitch

"There we go! Grandma doesn’t have dementia, she’s just a hipster."

- thehabithopper

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He wouldn't move his car.

"Had to call a tow truck on some teenager (friend of front neighbor's kid) because he wouldn't move his car that was blocking my mom's driveway."

"She told him to move it since she needed to get something for dinner, he answered that he shouldn't had to move it because it's a public street."

"I go get the stuff and then get home, I again tell him to move it because I want to park up the driveway. Shouts at me that I can find parking up the street."

"Now he has no car for Thanksgiving and cop gave him a ticket."

- justhereforthelul

"What an a**hole and a dipsh*t. Anyone with half a brain and a driver's license could tell you you can't block a driveway."

- Whosebert

"Sorry, best we can do is no brain and half a driver's license."

- OneTripleZero

He got left at the bar.

"My kids got hammered Wed night, one got left at the bar and walked 3 miles to get home. I woke up 3 am and saw that one kid was missing so I called him. He was still a mile from home so I drove to get him. When I got to him the police were questing him. Said they had a report of a man with a weapon having a mental health crisis. Luckily they got another call and let my doofus go home with me."

- amboomernotkaren

"A long time ago I got really drunk at a bar and when it was time to go home I walked for 2 hours to a house I hadn't lived in for over 5 years. It was getting light by that time and I stopped in the driveway realizing I didn't live there any more and turned around and walked back for 2 hours to my apartment near the bar I had been at. This was 25 years before Uber existed. So yeah, young drunk people do stupid things."

- Secretagentmanstumpy

Last minute hosting.

"The power went out at the host's house and I ended up cooking and hosting at the last minute."

- anadarko_wore_red

"This happened to a bunch of people in San Diego today. Something like 5k homes had power shut off due to fire risk."

- 19AllStar86

"Happened to me. We just barbecued instead it was super chill."

- popplesan

"When life hands you lemons, throw’em on the grill too."


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