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Mayim Bialik, who plays the character Amy in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, recently added a video on her YouTube channel where she answers fan questions about the series.

In the video, she also reveals that her sons, who are 11 and 14, do not watch the show.

In the video, she shares that she feels the subject matter in the show can be a bit too adult for them at times:

"My sons don't watch The Big Bang Theory. They have been to a handful of tapings. A lot of the content is stuff that I'm not ready to get into them with [sic] yet, so when there's an episode that I determine is clean and relatively safe, they have been able to come to run-throughs."
"My older son came to one taping with a close friend of his and he really enjoyed that."

Answering Your Big Bang Theory Questions! || Mayim Bialik

Bialik also states that she has not watched the series, as doing so is just weird and uncomfortable for her:

"I sometimes will see scenes from from previous episodes when it's being shown to the audience before we start a tape night, but it's very uncomfortable to watch myself, to hear my voice, just analyze like 'Why am I not standing up straight, I look pregnant.'"

The Big Bang Theory's 12-season long run is coming to a close after this season, so many fans are also curious what Mayim plans to do after it's over.

The actress released another video on her YouTube channel last August when the news of the show's ending was first announced.

In it, she gives a brief behind-the-scenes look at the set and does a short vlog from her on-set dressing room.

Saying Good-bye to The Big Bang Theory || Mayim Bialik

Regarding the shows imminent demise, Bialik stated:

"I have other projects that I'm interested in producing. I would like to act again, yes. That's something that I am now actively working on figuring out after April. And I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't interested in movies. I would love to be in a movie. I'd love for that to happen."

She also wrote about the news for Grok Nation, saying:

"Am I happy? Of course not. This has been my job since Melissa Rauch and I joined the cast as regulars in season 4. I love my job. I love my castmates, and I feel such appreciation for our incredible crew, our brave writers, our entire staff, and our amazing fans. So many people are a part of our Big Bang family."
"This is hard. I love coming to work and pretending to be Amy. She's a riot. She's me, and I am her. And soon she will not be mine to create."

Bialik's fans were very supportive on YouTube, many hoping that she would continue acting.

"Love the shirt! I am going to miss Amy and the rest of the characters once the show ends. They have been so much a part of my life for the last decade. The entire cast is amazingly talented. I've been lucky enough to see Jim on stage a couple of times. Have you considered doing theatre? Or maybe a short run of "Love Letters" with Jim? That would be so cool." ~ Ginger Graves/YouTube

"The Big Bang Theory is a truely [sic] iconic show. It will play, on repeat, for many years. I'll be so sad to see it end. I've bought the dvd's. Never did that with any other TV series. You are absolutely amazing as Amy. Can't think of any other actress who could have played her. Your great acting ability allows me to believe that Amy is real. I also look forward to seeing what you will do post TBBT." ~ Eliza Grogan

"Mayim, you are such an interesting person, so genuine and authentic. And so grounded...and honest. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with us. I will miss you and the others very much. Greetings from Germany!" ~ K8ie M./YouTube

"Mayim, you are absolutely awesome and I think genuinely a great person. You and your chemistry with your cast members are the best part of the show. Your portrayal of Amy made Big Bang Theory that much greater. Thank you so much for all the laughs and heartfelt moments. But also, thank you for just being your awesome self." ~ Prince Dtoine/YouTube

"Mayim you are such a special woman, so well spoken, absolutely beautiful, talented and intelligent. You are such an amazing influence to a very broad audience. I am a fan of all your content. I honestly believe that if everyone was just a little more like you the world would be a better place. I will always be a fan of you and am interested, entertained and educated by all your content. You truly are the epitome of an elegant woman 👑 #GrokQueen" ~ Jay fade/YouTube

"Thank you Mayim for your work in tbbt! You were my favourite character for sure. And moreover, thank you for this channel. I love your content and how open you are. Your genuine character and willingness to share information and start various conversations is truly refreshing. Greetings from Croatia" ~ Elizabeta G/YouTube

"It's such a shame the show is ending!! 💔 The Big Bang Theory has been my favourite show for a long time and I've pretty much learned the english language from watching it over and over again (I'm originally from germany). Thank you for bringing a smile to people's faces for over 12 years!" ~ Franziska Richter/YouTube

Whatever Mayim chooses to pursue after The Big Bang Theory ends, it is clear that she has fans that will support her!

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