People Describe The Best Small Scale Drama Happening In Their Office Right Now

People Describe The Best Small Scale Drama Happening In Their Office Right Now
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The workplace is a hotbed for scandal and drama.

I think it's a big part of what people missed about the office most during the pandemic.

All of that hot drama unfolding.

And it doesn't even have to be on a grand scale.

So let's dive into some details to gag for.

Redditor ThatYoungsterSltwanted to drink all the tea about workplace craziness, they asked:

"What is the small scale work drama happening in your office right now?"

We are here for it all. No detail or issue is too small. Speak up y'all...


"Someone's been eating people's sandwiches at work. They only get the sandwiches too. I'm legit invested in this because i wanna know.... why just the sandwiches?"


sandwich maria GIF by SubwayMXGiphy


"I guess this isn't small scale but fits the drama side; We've just received our pay increase and bonus figures for the year except HR sent a number of letters to the wrong people. Some of whom work together, doing the same job, but with different rates of pay and bonuses. Bedlam."


Bad Play

"The playstation got stolen. For f**ks sake. We used to do an F1 tournament every Friday but the Playseat ain't no fun without a playstation. I will find out who the f**ker was."


" Check this out, might help."



"My coworker was texting my old number thinking it was me asking if I could cover a shift. The person who took over my old number replied to her saying 'gargle on my b**ls' or something like that. I almost got fired for it."


"My sister was in a study group in school, and a guy from the group texted her to tell her when they were meeting up. He texted a wrong number, and the person replied 'won’t be able to make it, I have explosive diarrhea.'"


And Spoons?

"There are not enough forks in the staffroom. Some people are getting quite upset."


mark hamill forks GIFGiphy

I'm living for it all. I work from home so my greatest dramas are with my dogs. Tell me more...

You or Me

"Minor downsizing means the two of us on temp contracts will have to reapply for a single post at the end of the year, so one of us stays and one of us goes."


bad guys wolf GIFGiphy

Sneaky, sneaky...

"Tom and Marie think they're being sneaky with their liaisons. They are not."


"We had a Tom and Marie in the office. Everyone knew they were banging but they thought they were being slick and sly. Lead to his divorce and now they spend half the day at each other's desks."


Drama & Tea

"Someone was pulled in to HR today about keeping their personal life away from work due to lots of recent over-sharing. The air was thick with tension as this person remained silent for the rest of the day. Absolutely everything. All of the dirt for the years leading up to their divorce that was finalized last summer, everything from current sex life to (unsolicited) announcement of her reproductive status. Constant discussion of private conversations with her kids and what’s going on with them (teens asking about sex etc)."

"Not only will she share these conversations with other adults but also has been heard having these conversations with the young teen kids who help us out around our shop as part time workers. The moment you drop a cordial 'Hi, how are you?' You get days worth of drama and tea. I’ve stopped talking with her other than work related conversations."



"One of my coworkers came in 3 minutes late Monday of last week and my other coworker has been pissy at her since."


"Oh God, I once got called in to a meeting with the boss since she'd had a complaint that I'd left at 4.59pm the day before, instead of 5pm. The fact that I came in 30-60mins early every single day was never even taken into consideration. Quit that job, it was miserable anyway."


The List

"The old manager wrote a list of pros and cons for each employee for the new manager. She left it out where it could easily be read. There are 3-5 cons for each person and 1-2 pros. She hasn’t left yet. Everyone now hates her."


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FB Issues

"A guy was made redundant at work over a year ago and he still laugh reacts to every post the company makes on Facebook."


"Before I came to my current company, there was apparently a HUGE dustup involving the head of the company and his right hand lady. They still come in and comment on Facebook posts (they’ve both been gone over two years) with salty comments."


We found out they could!

"I teach. Our team (teachers of the same grade level) is going to send home colored paper note sheets for parents to write encouraging comments to their students for state testing coming up. We want it to be a surprise for the students. We decided to try to see if the office could give us half size manilla envelopes to use. We found out they could! (Very exciting as a teacher to get office supplies)!"

"The secretary went into the locked closet to get us some envelopes. Another grade level team found out that we got envelopes from the office. Now THEY want envelopes because it’s not 'fair' that we got envelopes and they didn’t. That’s the drama. Plus, one teacher that basically hates kids and her job and maybe everyone else will finally retire next year (but we all were hoping it would happen sooner)."


Damn it Dora!

"We have a shared spreadsheet, someone keeps changing the filters, but no one will own up to it!"


"Okay I can relate to this. People kept messing with my numbers in my sheet and while I asked for mine to be locked I got denied 'in case you’re not around.' In the same breath I was told I need to have accurate numbers. It’s not my fault Dora keeps touching my stuff!"


"They're installing new furniture and people are NOT PLEASED about the new floor/seating plan."


"I have personally been in charge or ordering furniture for an office of four individuals. I went in all bright eyed and bushy tailed with my clipboard to have talk about what they wanted. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life."


The Fall

"Our operations manager fell through the ceiling of the conference room. He wasn't invited to the meeting and wanted to listen in."


cat falls GIFGiphy

Inked Out

"So last October our printer ran out of ink. More had already been ordered but with covid running rampant at the time the shipment was super delayed. One of my coworkers got really shitty over the fact that she couldn’t print the reports in the department and instead had to go upstairs to print them. She claimed that since I was the supervisor (I’m not) that I should’ve be the one to go up and print them despite the fact that it was 4am and my shift doesn’t start until 7am. She still isn’t talking to me."


My two-cents...

"We have a jigsaw puzzle on one of the spare desks to give people the opportunity to sit down for 5 minutes and de-stress. However, there's a piece of this puzzle missing and everyone is pointing fingers at each other and trying to work out who has stolen/hidden the piece. My two-cents is that it's just a missing piece, but it's fun to sit and watch the madness unfold."



"My boss has been sleeping with a married sergeant and a new boy fresh out of the academy. Neither know about the other. She just found out she's pregnant."


New York Reaction GIF by NBAGiphy

We See You!

"We have a serial toilet clogger. Some bitch uses a half a roll of toilet paper to wipe her ass and clogs the damn toilet at least twice a week. It's gotten so bad that the poor maintenance man had signs made up that say 'Please flush after 2 wipes.' Apparently, she can't read, because it keeps happening."


We need some "to be continued..." for a few of these. I love tea.

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