Grief is different for everyone, both in how it is handled and how it affects them. Some people are resolute, and with some effort on their part, are able to bounce back from it with no problem. For others, however, it can take months, even years to process, and they will often rely on the […] More
It’s fair that a bride and groom should have the final say as to who does and doesn’t get an invitation to their wedding. Which often includes children. Heartless as it may seem to others, there are many soon-to-be newlyweds who would rather not have a wedding day with the possibility of screaming or disruptive […] More

When you're younger, you might think you come from a great family. But as a kid, you miss out on a lot of nuance. You do not see all the drama the adults around you are involved in. And when you do eventually notice it, you start to realize that maybe few—if any—of your family members actually like each other. So why put up with all those tense family holiday dinners?

This isn't to say that all families are like this. Absolutely not. There are some very happy and wonderful families out there. But seeing families hurt each other is enough to teach you that maybe that age old tradition of getting together for Christmas dinner might not be in everyone's best interest.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor captrober157 asked the online community,

"What family tradition ends with you?"
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Divorce, cheating, family disputes. All of those ingredients can lead to a bunch of not so fantastic family vacations. Once dynamics shift, everyone, due to many possible circumstances, everyone has to adjust. And adjusting, can be very dramatic. Case in point… Redditor falcone781 wanted to discuss their story for some feedback. So naturally they came […] More

I can't stand Adam Sandler films most of the time. They're a little juvenile for me to be honest, not that he hasn't made some comedies I enjoyed (The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates come to mind).

But Sandler can also turn in an excellent dramatic performance from time to time. Check out Punch-Drunk Love some time. He and Emily Watson have some startling chemistry. More recently, Uncut Gems demonstrated how Sandler can thrive in a film of an even darker nature.

He won significant acclaim for both and is a perfect example of an actor best known for comedies who showed that they also happen to be an excellent dramatic actor.

There are others, of course. We heard more about them after Redditor 40oz2_freedom asked the online community,

"Who is a good comedic actor that ended up being a great dramatic actor?"
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