Airline Professionals Divulge What They Think Everyone Should Know Before Flying

Over the course of the last several years, anything in the career of airlines has become one of the most dangerous fields to be a part of.

I've lost track of the number of videos we've watched with passengers behaving badly.

And badly? That is an understatement.

What happened to flying the friendly skies?

It's all a mess right now.

And airline people need to vent and set a few things straight.

RedditorBluPillowwanted to from all the people who work the friendly skies. They asked:

"People who work in the airline industry, what are some things you think everyone should know about flying?"

These people are not your maids or personal assistants. And I would hope you treat those people better as well.


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"We are there for your safety first, your drinks second. Also: we don't turn right back around after a 14 hour flight. How would that even work? I've been asked that so many times."


Safety Concerns

"The reason you are supposed to open your life vest outside the aircraft in case of an emergency ditching is so that you don't float upwards while still inside the plane. This will trap you and increase your risk of drowning. Always open them outside or immediately before you leave the aircraft, should you need to evacuate on water."


Difficulties Abound

"Flight attendant here. I think everyone should know or at least keep in mind that airline travel is difficult. You and your fellow passenger can expect to have: Stress, An altered food schedule, Lack of sleep, Swelling, Dehydration, Discomfort, Confusion trying to figure out new things, Social anxiety, Changing ambient pressure, Loud noises, Nausea, Being hot or cold, Boredom."

"Please remember your fellow passengers are traveling for various reasons. Hopefully it’s vacation but very frequently I run into people going to funerals, going to get medical treatments and commuting to work away from their families. Everyone has a different story and many of us are having a rough day. onboard we all have the same goal. Get there quickly and safely. Including the staff. Have patience with each other and us."


All in the prep...

"Worked one preparing meals that goes onto planes for a while. The reason why some things sometimes are or aren't one a plane. EX: type of drink, or a airlines doesn't have the normal cookie/meal they have on a flight EX: Uniteds delicious white chocolate cranberry, this is never the airlines fault this is ALWAYS the company (big one that's world wide is LSG Sky Chef's) fault. Either they ran out and substituted it or they can't find the item in their large freezer."


You're Out

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"We will kick you off mid flight if you misbehave."


"Skydiving without a parachute. niceeee."


See ya. There needs to be more of kicking the trash out.


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"Interfering with the air crew is a felony. If you have grievances you can address them with the airline after you disembark."


Too Heavy

"No one is physically capable of opening the cabin door while in flight because of the aircraft pressurization. So take comfort in knowing that if a crazy person gets up and starts frantically trying to open the door in the middle of a flight, they're not going to be able to do it at all. You could sit in your seat and watch them work on it for hours and it still won't happen."


Hit reset

"I work in System Operations. I try to keep it all on schedule. Here's a few: If you're flying from a small airport, it may be convenient, but it's also more limited on resources. That means if it delays, there's not much to mitigate it. Could go on for quite some time."

"Every aspect of the industry is highly regulated, from aircraft maintenance, to air traffic control, to crew duty restrictions, and more. Please be patient with delays especially around holidays and storms. It is an extremely delicate juggle with all of these challenges to avoid any delays. Got tons more but last one..."

"If you don't want to be delayed, take the earliest flight. There's a bit of a 'reset' overnight each night to start with a clean slate but late in the day, the chances are your plane has done multiple flights already. If any of those are delayed, yours is likely to delay too."


Simmer Down Now

"Alcohol has a greater effect on people in higher altitudes so know your limits and don’t push them. Even if you have had a drink in the airport it can still effect you during the flight. As flight crew we do not care that it’s your holiday, birthday, stag party, hen party or that you are nervous."

"If you are drunk and behaving like a jerk it will not be tolerated and you can be arrested and get a ban from the airline. And because airlines share their ban passenger list you could find yourself banned from a few airlines."



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"In most European airports, you can enter the business class security lane with any ticket, not just business. The code scans anyway."


Drink Up

"Your tastebuds are reduced by 30-60% on flights. So more salt and seasoning are added to the food so it doesn't seem bland. Might also be the reason so many crave tomato juice or bloody mary mix ONLY on planes. The air in flight is drier than most of the deserts in the world, this impacts the taste of the food as well as your need to hydrate."

"Make sure you are drinking plenty of water on the long trans-oceanic or even trans-continental flights. Flight attendant jumpseats are waaaaaay more uncomfortable than anything you are sitting on and are usually right by a stinky lav. So keep that in mind when you complain to a crew member about your seat. Jumpseats are about as comfy as those old plastic fold-up lawn chairs."


Say Hi

"As pilots we are just darn lazy. We focus our attention on finding ways to avoid anything becoming busy, rushed or any time our capacity might be stretched. We do everything for the simple life. Sometimes that means using the autopilot as much as we can. Sometimes it means manual flying and looking out the window."

"Whilst some of us might secretly relish the opportunity to go off piste and demonstrate our prowess as great aviators in adverse circumstances, no-one wants a sweaty day. Imagery of seasoned sky gods wrestling with the controls are all well and good in the movies, but that’s exactly the sort of stuff we are determined to avoid. In fact most of us are just plain boring. Come say hi - either before after. Small kids and big 'kids’ alike.'"



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"There are no parachutes on commercial flights, so please stop asking. If the plane is going down there is nothing you can do but pray and ask forgiveness for your sins."



"I learned that flight attendants don't get paid for the time before and after flights when doing a crap ton of work to clean up and get people on/off, and frankly, I think that's sh**ty. We would never work before clocking in, why is it okay for them?"

"EDIT- The way I had heard it elsewhere -not reddit- was they were essentially only paid for 4 hours when they worked 7, but another comment here said they essentially get paid as a salary worker based on contract hours. So it's not as bad as someone had made it seem."


The Good Side

"Before being a prick to a flight attendant, keep in mind that their actual job is to save your life in an emergency. If I'm flying and know that there are 2 people who will make it a priority to keep me alive even if I'm unconscious, I'm going to make sure I'm on their good side. Just sayin..."


stop pushing...

"We KNOW your kid doesn't wanna get a peek in the cockpit, stop pushing that crying distressed child inside, dad. Planes often get delayed due to missing their slots, especially during the busy months, chances are we've been sitting on board for a while too as such a flight can be our 3rd/4th leg of the day, we feel you, yet there's nothing we can actually do about it. -FA."


luck has you...

"Unless you're extremely lucky and your aircraft just rolled out of the hangar after major maintenance, there will absolutely be something broken in it. An aircraft can have a whole host of parts be broken and still be allowed to fly, the broken parts just get labeled, recorded, and put on the to-do list for the next time it goes to maintenance."



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"Ladies, take your batteries out of your vibrators when you're packing. It's not going on the plane if it's dancing all over the baggage conveyor, and the bigger the airport the more difficult it'll be to find you so you can go in and deactivate it."



"You don't need to queue before passing through from the waiting room to the aircraft and you can also remain seated when you land. There is no way to exit that aircraft until everyone has exited before you... so you may as well remain seated."



"I don't need to work in the industry to tell you not only to shut up, shit down, and behave, but also not to mix sleeping pills and booze."


This is why I'm skipping air travel still. I can't with people. Good luck to you all.

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