The Worst Big Cities In The USA According To Americans

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There are so many places to travel to and see in America.

That's one of our mottos.... "See America first!"

But as majestic as this land is, there are places to avoid; thanks to high crime rates, broken down cities, bad weather... to name a few.

So a list of the least popular places could be helpful.

People only have so much travel time in life.

You want to make it count.

Redditor jhffmn21 wanted everyone to detail which parts of America may not be worth the visit and why. So they asked:

"Americans of Reddit, what is the worst big city in the USA and why?"

I could skip a few places, but I'll be kind and stay quiet.


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"Bakersfield or Fresno pretty sure the devil has part time vacation homes in both of them."


"Fresno's unofficial motto being 'At least we're not Bakersfield.'"



"I passed Camden NJ on a way to a concert - and we stopped at a light and a cop drove up and literally told us 'just run the reds and go do not stop' and as we turned you would just see groups of ppl on corners waiting for a stopped car. It was wild."


"I live an hour from Philly and had to explain this to my wife several times about Camden. She didn't believe me until I ran a red there in front of a cop and nothing happened. She didn't understand then how dangerous Camden can be."


Back to 55

"East St.Louis, stopped once for gas. Didn’t think I was going to make it back on 55."


"Was both prepared and a bit saddened to see East St. Louis at the top. It really is that bad and there’s no debating it. Crazy amounts of crime, decrepit businesses, broken down neighborhoods. It’s rare to have a night without sirens and gunshots. Would rather take my chances in most war zones than in East St. Louis and I’m a native."


Mr Trash Wheel

"I haven’t been to every city in the US. But Baltimore could use a little cleaning up since we’re on the subject."


"Awh! Basically one of the only things I know about Baltimore is that it's the home of Mr Trash Wheel and family (the pride of the Baltimore harbor??) and I imagined it as a trash free oasis protected by the Trash Wheel clan... Bummer, I need to get out more."


"I think every city has great parts. But in my opinion worst parts of Baltimore is pretty... out there."


Bodyguard Needed

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"I did a wine tasting event in Springfield, when it was over the bar owner insisted on walking me to my car, which I could see from the venue, I told him it wasn't really necessary and he just looked me dead in the face and said 'this is Springfield, yes, it is very necessary.'"


Places you can't walk to your car? That's a no.

So Bland

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"The worst cities are the most boring cities- the most devoid of personality. So I'm going to say Jacksonville, Florida."


Poor Places

"Jackson, Mississippi. Very high murder rate, low education, failing infrastructure."

"EDIT: yes I know Jackson isn't a very big city. It just sticks out as being in bad shape."


"Jackson was eye opening for me. Where I’m from being ‘poor’ means you don’t have a car or the latest phone and your apartment has roaches. In Jackson if you’re poor you don’t have shoes or running water. It’s like a banana republic that can’t grow bananas."


Different Sizes

"I hesitate to answer this because the worst cities in America aren’t big cities. It’s medium and small sized cities that have been hit the hardest by economic changes."

"Places like Gary, IN; Pontiac, MI; Bridgeport, CT; and Lowell, MA. Industrial cities that lost all their jobs and experienced depopulation and rising crime."

"But I don’t know, maybe Hartford. There’s just nothing there. It’s insurance companies and street gangs. That’s it."


So Hot!

"In my opinion, of the ones I've been to... Miami."

"Anywhere outside of the nightlife scene is absolutely dangerous."

"For example, Wynwood, the art district, is LITERALLY in the middle of one of the worst possible neighborhoods. You enter or exit Wynwood from the wrong direction, don't stop and wait at red lights."


What Happened?

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"Charleston WV, used to be so vibrant and bustling was supposed to become NYC in the mountains is now a dead zone with a struggling infrastructure and an economy that can't keep itself afloat add on the homeless problem which makes all of downtown look like a giant skid row."


That's a long list of travel... to skip.

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