People Who Work In Someone's Home Describe The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Seen
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Working in someone's home must feel like your walking on eggshells, but instead of organic, free-range eggs its the Fabergé kind. You're in someone else's personal space, their sanctum, where a litany of secrets and revelations could be revealed to you if you open the wrong cabinet or peak under their bed by accident.

You never know what's going to happen when you open their door, and that's what these people found out one day.

Reddit user, ConAir161057, wanted a look into stranger's homes when they asked:

"People whose jobs require them to enter someone else's house, what was the weirdest thing you've seen at a customer's house?"

Everyone has hobbies, and sometimes those hobbies involve collecting things. While you might imagine glass cases filled with small, porcelain baby angels or a wall of comic book art, some people choose to collect "different" things.

When Plants Are Your Children

"Customers built an additional room for their plant, Frank. It was a +30yo schefflera. It had the best sun and a huge pot and automatic watering."

"Def my kind of weird."


Everyone Collects Something

"Taxidermy chickens dressed in raincoats"


Leaving Behind What You Don't Want To Use

"I've done foreclosure clean outs. I'm amazed at how many people own sex machines, and how often they are left behind."


We Just Want Our Guests To Be Comfortable

"One Easter week, I tuned a piano in the home of a girl who was my music student."

"Her mother greeted me at the door in a Playboy Bunny suit and kept offering "refreshments" as I tuned her piano."


What people do in their own bedroom with their partners in whatever consensual manner they deem acceptable is up to them.

It's when those choices leave the bedroom and start to impact other people that we have to raise our collective eyebrows.

That's One Way To Discipline...

"I babysat for this family that had a live in maid. A little weird but whatever. She was nice. Dressed in a strange outfit but whatever."

"Parents get back and ask me how the children were. Told them I changed a few diapers nothing big. Then they asked how the maid was. I told them she was fine. Woke up the kids once while she was cleaning."

"Mom gets this look on her face and disappears. Dad pays me and tips me well! Asks me to check on the kids one last time. I do."

"As I’m leaving I go to say goodbye to the Mother. She has the maid over her knee, and is just spanking her. Obviously I’m horrified."

"They explain their live in maid is actually a live in sex partner. So the strangest thing I’ve seen is a live in sex maid while babysitting."


Classiness, Amid The Chaos

"Very large vanity style nudes of the lady, probably from a decade prior. Some were normal frames, one was like an old style velvet painting."

"The apartment was in squalor. Bugs everywhere, food just left out. Then you had those pictures."

"That was the weirdest."


Homes are supposed to be safe space, areas where we can unwind and be ourselves. Unfortunately, who we are can be a lot sadder than anyone might have ever known.

An Inescapable Odor

"It's not what I saw, it's what I didn't see."

"Old cat piss has the pungent aroma of ammonia. In this house it hit me like a truck."

"I saw no cats. I saw no dogs. Only humans."


"You were smelling ~meth~"


Wrong Definition Of A Skylight

"Home healthcare worker. Met with a patient who refused to let me enter his house. Our first visits were conducted on the street, between his car and mine. As he grew to trust me, we graduated to sitting on his front porch. The outside of his house had seen better days, and could use some fixing up, but it really wasn't all that bad. It was the inside. At some point the roof had progressed from "needs work" to "caved in" and he essentially had no roof, as it was all hanging down in his living room. He didn't have the money to fix it, or a good tarp. But he did have the money for a tent. And so he lived in a tent inside his house. He still had electricity, and a partial roof over the kitchen."


A Testament To What's Lost

"Not really weird but sad. An 80-year-old woman who lived alone had a Christian type of "shrine" dedicated to her daughter in her living room. That's pretty normal I guess, she said she had lost her 40 years ago and kept her pictures and small items in it."

"But the thing is, it turned out that her whole house was filled with similar items. She had written things that she wanted to say to her daughter on small pieces of paper and taped them all over the walls and the cabinet doors. It was everywhere, and it was clear from what she'd written that she had been on her mind 24/7 for the past 40 years."

"My job was to do household chores and basically keep her company while I did it. One day she asked me to look for some items that her daughter had made. She had misplaced them and was worried that someone had thrown them away by accident. I couldn't find them at first, but she looked so defeated that I went to look for them again and actually found them in the back of her storage room. She was so happy. She said that I reminded her of her daughter because I searched so adamantly and didn't give up."

"She couldn't move very well and had chronic pain and would often talk about wanting to be with her daughter already. She was a super nice person, one of the nicest I've worked for. She was just in so much pain that I almost hope that she got her wish."


Be kind. You never know what someone might be going through.

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