Warning Signs That Someone Wasn't Raised Right

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When we witness bad behavior from a person regardless of their age, some of us tend to blame it on poor parenting.

Whether it's a spoiled child causing a scene in public in response to not getting what they want or a grown adult acting out in a way that is cringeworthy, the indication of them lacking any sort of discipline in their lives can be obvious.

Curious to hear examples of this, Redditor sovereinete asked:

"What’s a sign that somebody wasn’t raised right?"

Not everyone can interact with others like mature adults.

Shifting Blame

"lack of personal accountability. they can never admit wrongdoing on their part. it's always someone else's fault."

– DFloydd

Learned Behavior

"Yes totally. And it’s often because immature parents don’t realize they should model this behavior by apologizing to their children when they (parent) do something wrong. When you don’t respect your kids they can become disrespectful d*cks."

– anon

With Intent

"Someone that does things to intentionally hurt another persons feelings after they’ve expressed that, that certain thing hurts their feelings."

– JadeM05

Perceiving Employees

"Disrespecting people for doing their job."

– indinicove

Some people are g.r.o.s.s.

The Thanks They Get

"You give them a lift and they leave rubbish in your car."

– kitjen

Chewed Gum Belongs Elsewhere

"Who are the guys who spit out their chewing gum into urinals? I see this all the time at work and I work in a high end corporate place. Do they think it disolves and goes down the pipe? The janitor has to pick that out."

– NealR2000


"I had a guy sh*t on the floor in the bathroom at my work then apologize because I was working the shift not my coworker he hated. People are f'king weird dude."


It's The Right Thing To Do

"The concept of not flushing in a public place is crazy to me. Like... what happened in that person's life for them to feel that's appropriate?!"

– TheRealRoguePotato

Art Of Discipline

"How they act as a boss when their employee messes up."

"Yelling and belittling shouldn’t be your first option."

– EpicBlinkstrike187


"This is how you be a leader, not a boss. A leader lends a helping hand and treats you like an equal, a boss treats you like a replaceable piece of meat."

– VividOperation48

A Good Example

"This was what made me respect the absolute hell out of my manager. I made a mistake on a job a while back, like a big f'kup that cost us a large sum of money. I was fully expecting to get chewed out and a 'You f'k up again, you're out the door,' because that's how previous managers had treated us (it's no wonder we had a horrific management and employee turnover rate for years)."

"But no, he came over to the car I was working on, looked at what happened, figured out how the mistake was made, and we talked about it for a couple minutes. I was pretty upset about it because I'm usually not the type of tech who is negligent and makes mistakes, so when I do, it profoundly bothers me. He saw that. He listened to what I said, and he went through the process of getting replacement parts ordered for what I messed up."

"The next morning he came to me again and said 'You know, I was thinking about you last night after I got home and thinking of what you could do to prevent this mistake from happening again in the future,' gave me a few suggestions for the future, and closed the conversation with a pat on the shoulder and a 'we won't need to have this conversation again, brother. I trust you.'"

"It was the most meaningful conversation I have ever had with a manager. I got the sense that he really wants to see his employees succeed and grow. It gave me confidence in a moment in which I had none left."

– AidynValo

Can we blame parents entirely for their children's disrespectful behavior?

I know of some exceptional parents who do the best they could without coddling or becoming too controlling, and yet, their kids remain out of control.

It's a delicate balance, disciplining a child without it being perceived publicly as abuse and consequently getting child protective services involved.

I've gotten the belt, slapped, and grounded frequently for being rotten. Those forms of punishment, I feel, might not fly as well today than they did back then.

I'd like to think I turned out all right, but it's difficult to say if it was because of such strict parenting.

But it can't be denied that, in spite of it all, there's only so much parents can do when they're raising an inherently bad seed.

You know they exist.

Right, Damien?

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