The simple hamburger has come a long way.

Indeed, over time, people have begun to elevate it far beyond a simple ground beef patty with ketchup, maybe lettuce, tomato and onions.

From the special sauce at Shake Shack, to Daniel Boulud's $30 multi-tiered burger, the variations on the simple burger are far too many to mention.

And likely will only grow, as some people will believe that just about anything can work on a hamburger.

While some experiments haven't and likely won't pay off, other ingredients which one might immediately think have no place on a burger prove to be just the ticket.

Redditor StoneDoctorate was eager to learn the many unlikely ingredients which make a hamburger so much more decadent, leading them to ask:
"What unconventional ingredient belongs in a burger?"

Taking Potato Bun To A Whole New Level

"One time I didn't have buns for a burger so I put tater tots in my waffle iron and used that as a bun."

"Holy. Ish. Was delish."- HamHockShortDock

tater tots GIFGiphy

For Those Who Like It Spicy...

"Green Chile, although I don’t think it is unconventional just not common unless you’re in New Mexico."- hawkjc19

Already A Hit Down Under!

"In Australia it isn't unusual to see a slice of beetroot included."

"I've not seen it in any other countries I've visited.'- GeriatricFart in New Zealand sometimes we put pickled beetroot in a burger. Sweet and sour deliciousness - Reddit

An Apple A Day...

"Thin slice of fried Granny Smith."

"Goes really well with cheese."- blujeh

Going Green...

"Lime tomatillo sauce."- dishdoer

Going International!

"I love making weird burgers."

"Taco burger night."

"Fill that patty up with peppers onions and swap ketchup for salsa."

"Greek night."

"Let’s get feta cheese olives and grape leaves, It’s a burger."

"Even if you f**k it up it’s still pretty good."- SunnySideUp369852

The Farm To Table Burger!

"Goats cheese, rocket and Portobello mushrooms."- Boho_Oddity

psilocybin mushrooms shrooms GIFGiphy

Getting "Figgy" With It...

"Fig marmalade."- Nacho_Beardre·

Toppings And Sauce All In One!

"Kimchi because it's crunchy but unlike lettuce it's full of flavor."

"Doesn't work on every burger though."- AudiaLucus

There's certainly nothing wrong with those who prefer their burgers to only have ketchup and mustard on them.

But don't be surprised if the next time you're invited to a backyard barbecue, you'll be served an ostrich burger on a pretzel bun with crispy onions and a blue cheese balsamic sauce.

Which, in all likelihood, will be one of the least unusual burgers you've ever had down the line...