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People Break Down What Absolutely Ruins A Good Burger For Them
Photo by Peter Dawn on Unsplash

Most people love a good burger, and many, many American restaurants serve them, but not all burgers are created equal.

Super tall burgers that are hard to eat, way too much sauce (or only a tiny bit of sauce on the middle of the bun), soggy lettuce — there are lots of ways to ruin a burger.

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The simple hamburger has come a long way from being topped solely with lettuce, tomato and onions.

Indeed, many New Yorker's go to great lengths to replicate Shake Shack's addictive "shack sauce" to top their burgers.

While west coasters know to order their In-N-Out Burger's "Animal Style" to get the added grilled onions, thousand island sauce and extra pickles on a mustard grilled bun.

But these are relatively simple compared to many other variations on the simple, All-American hamburgers, as everything from a blue cheese, barbecue burger to a Kung-Pow shrimp burger can be found on menus all over the world.

And while some of these seemingly questionable experimentations proved to pay off handsomely, others most definitely did not.

Making pineapple on pizza seem positively tame.

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The simple hamburger has come a long way.

Indeed, over time, people have begun to elevate it far beyond a simple ground beef patty with ketchup, maybe lettuce, tomato and onions.

From the special sauce at Shake Shack, to Daniel Boulud's $30 multi-tiered burger, the variations on the simple burger are far too many to mention.

And likely will only grow, as some people will believe that just about anything can work on a hamburger.

While some experiments haven't and likely won't pay off, other ingredients which one might immediately think have no place on a burger prove to be just the ticket.

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