People Share The One Word That Describes How History Will View Trump's Presidency
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In December 2020, Fox News polled Americans toward the end of Trump's first term about how history will look back on Trump's years in the White House.

They asked:

How do you think history will remember Trump’s presidency? Will he be remembered as: SCALE: 1. One of the country’s greatest presidents 2. An above average president 3. An average president 4. A below average president 5. One of the country’s worst presidents 6. (Don’t know)

The results were devastating for the former president, finding that while 22% felt Trump would be remembered as one of the U.S.' "greatest" presidents, a full 42% declared Trump "one of the worst."

Perhaps this should come as little surprise, since Trump is regularly viewed by historians as among the worst presidents in history, including in Siena's June 2022 survey, which ranked Trump 43rd out of 45.

Inspired by the Fox News poll result, George Takei wanted to know a bit more about how Trump will be remembered, and so asked his Twitter following:

"In a single word, how do you think history will look back on Donald's disastrous presidency?"

And the responses were...blunt.

Others were a bit kinder.

Some didn't really understand the assignment.

And for many just one word would not suffice.

Trump did have a few defenders.

But for the most part, perhaps this gif sums up the prevailing sentiment:

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