This Mom Takes Her Daughter Prom Dress Shopping And Then THIS Happens. Wow.


Praise be to the mothers who take their daughters shopping for a $200-500 dress that will only be worn for one night. It takes a great deal of patience to cope with prom season and most moms make it through unscarred, though their wallets tell another story. The last thing anyone needs during these shopping trips is unsolicited advice from an opinionated salesperson. After one such incident, this mom took to Facebook to share what happened.



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Tattoos are an incredibly personal and variable thing. Some folks think they should only be reserved for important things. Others are fine with tattoos being something as unimportant and silly a dancing hot dog if it makes a person happy.

Some tattoos though ... yeah.

One Reddit user asked: Tattoo artists of reddit, what's the "Are you f*cking sure about getting this one?" moment you had with a client?

and yeah ... some tattoos... 0.o

Yeah, I just hit you with a text-moji like it's 2004. Nothing else could adequately describe the face you're about to make while reading this.

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