People Explain What They Say At Least 1,000 Times A Day At Their Job

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As an editor, half of my job consists of waiting for writers to finish writing (or re-writing) important copy for me to look over. The edited copy goes to many other departments after mine, meaning I get bugged by the art department asking me for the edited version.

I, in turn, have to bug the writers, asking them when the copy will be ready for me. As a result, something I say at my job a million times a day is, “Hey [Writer], can I have an ETA on that [brochure copy, article, etc.]”

And while I need to say it, I know the writers probably curse my name by now!

I’m not the only one who seems to be saying the same thing a bunch of times over the course of a day. At any job, there may be one word or phrase that is said 1,000 times a day.

This can be anything from “Sounds like a plan” to “Dear God, when will this day end?!”

Redditors have shared what they say 1,000 times a day at their job, and the answers are very relatable.

Curious to find out more, Redditor laladurochka asked:

“What do you say 1000 times a day in your job?”

Pitfalls Of Video Calls

“I think somebody needs to go on mute.”

“Said whilst knowing full well exactly who is the cause of the background noise because their box is yellow.”

– VodkaMargarine

That's All, Folks!

"Sounds good."

– SumKallMeTIM

"Same, and it rarely actually sounds good."

– Former_Team9993

"I love this because there’s no rebuttal for the person on the other end. The conversation is over."

– Tommybrady20

Work Mode

"I was raised christian, but one of my first jobs was working front desk at a Jewish nonprofit. I would answer the phones to screen and direct calls, and I had a very specific greeting that I had to say every time."

"One night I was home visiting my parents, we all sit down for dinner, and my mom asks me to say the blessing. My one brain cell searches for the rote blessing I’ve said thousands of times, we all join hands, and I confidently say “Shalom, Jewish Federation. My name is ___ how can I help you?”"

– chicksonfox

"I used to work at a comic shop/game store and I definitely once answered a call from my dad with 'hi this is gameshop Foamcorps speak--wait HI DAD'"

– foamcorps

Thank You, Next

"I once worked with a voice picking system. You would confirm location, say "next". Confirm amount picked. Say "next". This was the default word, you could change it but i couldn't care. And you would say it hundreds of times per day."

"Fast forward about a year and it started slipping out in the real world. Like having a conversation, saying my bit then finishing with "next" when I was done and wanted to hear what the other person wanted to say."

"Or "Hey aubven, you wanna get pizza for dinner?""

""Yes, next""

"I started changing that voice command for that prompt roughly every fortnight to avoid this continuing."

– aubven

Not Enough Hours In The Day

"“No worries”"

"When really I am worrying about how I’m going to accomplish everything in 7.6 hours."

– mydreamreality

"Alternatively, "it's all good" when asked to do something unnecessarily tedious in addition to everything else going on. It's not all good it never is."

– thefatrabitt

Please Read My Email

""As per my previous email""


– sonnenshine

"Don't you hate when you have to do that 10 times to the same person?... and then they reply with "but I already replied to you!""


"I swear people are the worst lol"

– Brambarche

The Restaurant Life

"Hey y'all my name is Tony I'll be taking care of y'all tonight, shall I start you off with two waters?"

– dankvader192

"Sure. Can we get a coke?"

– epic_taco_time

"When I said coke I meant Dr Pepper…"

– NormalCorners


– lilbirdd

​Unadulterated Hate

"I hate this place ...."

– tim_worst_isthe_best

"I say it about 20 times a day"

– 2BFrank69

Silent Sufferer

":: Rubs temples :: :: Sighs ::"

– uncheckablefilms

"Same. I don't say a lot. I just suffer in silence."

– OrneryDiplomat

I Wish I Could Say That

"That’s not part of my job responsibilities"

– Ladefrickinda89

Counting Down The Minutes

""is it 5 o clock yet?""

– tracyinge

If Only...

""Living the dream" is my response to anyone asking me how my day is."

– this_barb

"People ask me if I'm "living the dream" I usually respond "probably someone else's""

– zxplatinum

What Do You Do?

"Don't put that in your nose."

– Important_Sprinkles9

"Kindergarten teacher or drug counselor, can't decide."

– Mr_Otingocni

It Hadn't Occurred To Me

"not a 1000 but the most times "have you tried restarting it?""

– Brilliant-Line-2616

"Ah. A mortician, I see."

– Minute-Major7782

It's All Too Much

“F*ck Goddamn Who is this dumbf*ck Jesus Christ Why are we still here”

– PoochusMaximus

Okay, I might actually say that more than ETA!

Do you have any pearls you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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