15 Best Star Trek Workout Clothes for Starfleet Training

Waking up every morning to work out can be hard. But, it gets easier when you're wearing fun clothes that motivate you to get moving. Also, coffee makes it easier.

Just picture this, you somehow manage to wake up, stretch, play your favorite motivational playlist, and run a mile feeling like what I imagine Captain Kirk feels like every morning. Add a smoothie and you might have the perfect way to start the day.

So, show your love for the show while training with these workout clothes. Even if it's from home. Or do what I do and just wear them while watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

Star Trek VI Weight Lifting Gloves

I don't know a lot about weightlifting but I understand gloves are very necessary. These have added grip to make your workout sesh safer. But working out is always better with a buddy so, you still need a number one for spotting.

It is also a great way to show everyone that Trekkies can also be jacked. Let's tear down stereotypes.


Star Trek (The Original Series Science Blue Uniform Adult T-Shirt)

The best workout starts with the best workout outfit. This blue uniform t-shirt will show that you are both smart, and actually work out. It looks subtle enough that your gym bros won't think twice about you repping Starfleet.

But, we all know the blue uniform is for scientists, and being a scientist for the Enterprise is as smart as you get.


Popfunk Star Trek Distressed Starfleet Academy T Shirt & Stickers

This is for all those who are still working hard to earn a degree. You should get an award for studying, having an active social life, working out, and binge-watch your favorite show every now and then. But, since we don't have an award, here is a T-shirt. That you have to buy for yourself.


Star Trek DS9 Niners Baseball League Logo Graphic T-Shirt

There are several Star Trek t-shirts out there. But there is only one team that matters. This DS9 Niners is the best way to show you're so athletic you could actually join the team. Plus, we are supposed to be in the middle of baseball season, so it's appropriate.

This can also help distract from the fact that sports are canceled for the time being.


Funny Headwear Headbands Star Trek Outdoor Sport Magic Scarf

Some people wear headbands because of the way they look. Others wear them because they need to keep their hair off their face or because they sweat, a lot. Whatever your reason might be, this fun headband will definitely make a colorful statement. And, if you're bored you can count all the different squares with the logo.

That's what people want at the gym, right? Make colorful statements?


Star Trek Men's Next Generation Data Emotions T-Shirt

Some people live their lives out loud. They can't control their expressions. You can tell exactly how they're feeling. Data is not one of those people. If you aren't either, this tee will serve as a clear visual representation of your emotions at all times.

Plus, Data will forever be one of the best characters "The Next Generation" gave us.


​​​​Star Trek Men's Next Generation Data Emotions T-Shirt

If a hard-core sweaty workout isn't your thing you might want to try something more relaxing like a nice walk, or yoga. These lounge pants are perfect for just that. They are loose and comfortable enough to make flexible movement easy, and they're perfect for that "post-workout Netflix binge."

A workout should also help your mental health, so comfort and relaxation are as important as leg day. At least that's all I do after a good workout.


Bioworld Star Trek Logo Lounge Pants

Basically, these are the same pants as the previous ones but with the iconic Vulcan greeting. And, if you keep exercising and taking care of your self you will, in fact, "live long and prosper."

Take care of yourself!


Star Trek TNG Towel

It can get really sweaty when working out. You might want to hop in the shower right away, but if you can't a towel will do the trick. This towel particularly is made with 24th Century technology.

Okay, that might be a lie, but towels are pretty straight forward. How much can they actually improve?


Brainstorm Gear Star Trek Running Hat

For all those who are training for a marathon, or running around the block, or walking the dog until it finds the perfect fire hydrant. This hat will not only shade you from the sun, keep your hair and sweat off your face, but also show people that you do not want to be disturbed, and just because you're outside, it does not mean you want to socialize.


Star Trek Discovery T-Shirt

"Discovery" fans get forgotten in the middle of a TOS and TNG fandom sea. I see you. Even you deserve a quality tee to help you with your most arduous workout. This specific women's shirt is for those who keep their endorphins high by keeping their body moving. The navy blue is classic and timeless and goes with any yoga pants or shorts you wear to the gym.

You know that to be a part of the Discovery crew you need to keep your energy levels up.


Starfleet Academy Hoodie

Cold weather is no excuse to skip leg day. Although I've done that one too many times. Train as if you were a student at Starfleet Academy and use this hoodie to protect yourself from the morning chill weather.

Or just wear this hoodie all the time because it's really comfortable and looks pretty cool.


Star Trek Massage Mens Short Sleeve Shirt

This is the nerdy version of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." I know that holodecks are not a real thing yet, but we do have virtual reality, and how different can it be? I might not know anything about VI but you can basically put yourself in the middle of any situation with those ugly VR glasses.

I wonder if the secrets would cancel out if you used the holodeck to replicate Vegas.


Men's Star Trek LGBTQ shirt

Not all gym-bros are straight. We deserve a tee that shows we are multifaceted. We work out, we're out and proud, and we are Patrick Stewart fans. All at the same time.


Star Trek Emblem Men's Loungewear Sleep Lounge Pants

And, we have another pair of pants because you need one for every day of the week. Seriously, if you are reusing dirty workout clothes you're nasty. And don't tell me you do laundry more than once a week because I know you don't.

These are gray pants because we all know there is nothing hotter than the gray sweatpants look.

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