Sports Enthusiasts Debate Which Sport Requires The Most Skill

I don't know a ton about sports. When I played basketball as a youth they would constantly stop the game whenever the ball fell into my hands.

Why you ask?

I would just run with it. You catch and run in these sporty situations right?

Well apparently in basketball you also have to... dribble? With no bib.

Did you know that?

So that's an issue. Like, who made up these rules?

I have much respect for the people who master their craft as an athlete. I wouldn't know where to begin.

Which sport requires the most effort?

I say all of them.

Redditorstaceelogreen wanted to hear from all the sports fanatics and follwers out there, so they asked:

"In your opinion, what sport requires the most skill and why?"

I also played baseball. The last time I played I was in the outfield (my usual haunt).

A home run I could've caught flew by me.

Why you ask?

I was watching the game that was happening on the other end of the field.

You see where my sports career stories are going, right?


"Gymnastics and figure skating. Really anything that requires astronomical fitness while also being graceful and put together." ~ makeamessfoundation


The League

"Champion's League/World Cup soccer (or football if you prefer). Reasons no other sport is anywhere close to the amount of competition."

"There are soccer obsessed players in basically every country in the entire world. Probably not even a tiny exaggeration to say that to reach the absolute peak you beat out at least 1-2 billion people, maybe even more."


"Ignoring everything but individual skill golf can make a really big claim. The ball is tiny the distances are huge, the obstacles are many and it's so mentally challenging."

"Even the best players in the world play sub-par because of how mentally taxing it is to always be on. It's a sport where youth won't help you like it does in so many others."

"Watch any other sport (not Tony Romo though ) athletes try to play golf and you'll quickly realize that it's such a skill that you can't fake it with just athleticism."

"Nothing more frustrating than 5 putting because you're in your own head. It's like a sports game of 1 vs 100 every week."

o"Incredible that anyone ever wins multiple events." ~ Plinkostar


"It's not physical but I would say chess. For every one game a pro athlete has played of their sport, a pro chess player has played a hundred."

"Chess is probably 25% physical and 75% skill. I don't think any other sport can boast near those numbers." ~ DivergentGlory

Talent Required

"It depends on how you define skill. The most difficult sport to learn?"

"The biggest difference between an amateur and a top champion? The widest variety of talents required?" ~ ShinjukuAce

"Whatever variables/argument you wanna state! It was just a debate brought up at work and I said I'd throw it on reddit to see what others said haha." ~ staceelogreen


"Wrestling/boxing/MMA... If you lose you get messed up." ~ TendiesForTheBoys


I would kill to learn how to figure skate.

It's one of my favorite things to watch.

Boxing? MMA? No and NO! I abhor violence.

Why do people do those things?


"Ice hockey for sure." ~ POSITIVELY_ROMANTIC

"That was one of my answers with a coworker. Or figure skating."

"The element of ice throws such a high variable of skill in there. And I think ice skating is like gymnastics with a slippery floor haha." ~ staceelogreen



"The modern pentathlon requires the most diverse set of skills. Horsemanship. Fencing. Swimming. Running. Target shooting."

"All of that is done in a single day and the target shooting is done in stages interspersed along the 3200 meter cross country run. Your heart is pounding but you have to hold steady enough to fire a pistol accurately." ~ LordPimpernel


"Ski jumping isn't easy to learn, I heard, also Polo and horseback falconry seem somehow complicated at least."

"I myself know skiing pretty well (it is easier than it once was via the cravers but snowboarding is still easier to pick up in my exp), but ski jumping is again much more difficult." ~ hound-zone


"Boxing. You're standing in a phone booth and trying to destroy the other person without getting lit up yourself."

"The amount of skill and fitness you need for this is insane. No reasonable person should embark on a boxing career."

"The most mentally and physically demanding sport other than mma in my opinion." ~ eo_tempore

Catch the Ball...

"I would say football, I played this sport in high school and there's so many little things that need to be worked on, perfected, practiced, and reviewed that if you see a guy doing something that looks impressive in the NFL you need to realize that he probably put thousands of hours into developing his skills."

"Just learning the proper way to carry the ball while running feels very challenging at the beginning." ~ LilAndre44

In the Hole

"Golf. Ratio of hole to non-hole area, and distances involved."

"Downhill mountain road skateboarding is insane.

"Top fuel dragsters. Everything Jerry Miculek does." ~ PropertyOfBarry


I tried golf, but I like to sleep when I'm bored. I find it easier to sleep at home and not in the grass.

But to each their own.

That's why I was always meant to be Posh Spice.

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