Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

Working with animals in a shelter can be rewarding and heartbreaking in equal measure, as you watch the animals you've worked with and nurtured find their forever homes.

But sometimes, there's an animal that is so ornery, such a jerk, that you kind of just want them gone tbh. But how best to promote that animal to prospective adopters?

Cue the folks at Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc. in North Carolina, who encountered just such a cat, a black and white feline named Perdita.

While struggling to find a good, loving home for Perdita, the shelter decided to create an adoption ad for her that really highlighted all of her...quirks.

The ad is unlike any other, with two photos included of Perdita that are so incredibly angry-looking, it would make Grumpy Cat proud (R.I.P.) And the copy puts the "brutal" in brutal honesty.

The ad touts Perdita as:

Perdita, we thought she was sick, turns out she's just a jerk."

On Facebook, they elaborated, listing a variety of Perdita's likes, including:

"staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again; the song Cat Scratch Fever, [and] the movie Pet Cemetery (Church is her hero)...lurking in dark corners."

They also listed some of Perdita's dislikes:

"the color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, [and] the Dixie Chicks."

Finally, the ad announced:

"She's single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space."

You can view the full ad here:

While funny, it's unclear whether they exaggerated Perdita's personality for effect.

Although the rescue's office manager, Brittany Taylor, did provide a first person account:

"She pretends like she wants you to pet her and love on her. As soon as you pick her up, she starts growling. She will swat you. She definitely makes you laugh. One minute she wants you, and one minute she's over it."

It sounds like Perdita will be a work-in-progress for whoever eventually adopts her.

But the adoption ad did exactly what it needed to do: it drew attention to the world's worst cat.

Many people on Facebook are commenting on the hilarity of the ad and their hopes that she finds the perfect home.

Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc-North Carolina / Facebook

It looks like the story isn't over for Perdita yet, as someone has come forward to fulfill her adoption dreams.

But one thing is for certain: with all of this hype, the World's Worst Cat could easily become another viral kitty with all of the attention she and her advertisement are getting!

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