A job's a job... but some workplaces are more absurd than others.

Whether management is buddy-buddy or a supervisor is downright weird as hell, there's no shortage of crazy stories out there from the workers who were fired for the silliest reasons.

After Redditor Tnt540 asked the online community, "What is the most ridiculous reason you have gotten fired for?" people lined up to share their experiences. We think you'd agree many of them are better off.

"The kicker is..."

Working too much overtime when we were understaffed by up to 20 people per night, and I was the only person trained to perform the work. The kicker is they wouldn't let me cross-train anyone.


"...that was enough for me to get fired."

Found a guy's wallet in the bathroom and found the guy to return it and he accused me of stealing said wallet... that was enough for me to get fired.


"Telling management..."

Telling management that we weren't operating safely. I wrote a report that was ignored so I decided to go over my immediate supervisors head.

Big mistake, because they were all buddy buddy.


"I got asked..."

I got asked to look for a new job because I was getting a larger bonus each month than my coworkers (for context it was a call centre where the more calls you answered the bigger the bonus) I would work super hard , nonstop all day whereas other people in the office couldn't care less about the job. They asked me to leave, because it was "suspicious" that my bonus was always higher than my coworkers.


"I came in early."

I came in early. I came into work 30 minutes early to get started on some paperwork and than my boss comes out and gets all mad that I'm here at 5:30 than when I asked what was the problem he just yelled at me to get out than when I came back at 6:00 all my stuff was being packed up by him and his assistant, I was officially fired 10 minutes later.


"I told my boss..."

I told my boss I couldn't work five days a week. I was fifteen working at a Game Center on the boardwalk. It was my first day.


"Was told they couldn't afford..."

Was told they couldn't afford to keep me full time and that I needed to find another part time job. I requested Tuesday and Wednesday off to look for one instead of the normal Sunday-Monday days I get because those aren't good days to be going to apply places. I get back on Thursday and my boss asks how my family thing went? I have no idea where she got that from because I never said anything close to that, I had just asked for my days off that week to be switched. I said good, I applied at other jobs and she got mad at me for applying for other jobs and fired me on the spot ... I had my movie moment where I said you can't fire me because I quit and started to drive home. She had another employee call me begging for me to come back ( she couldn't even call me herself) I said nope I'm good.

There were a lot of other problems there that built up to this but I was done at that point and couldn't believe I was told I was fired for looking for another job after she told me I needed to get one.


"One day a customer came in..."

I worked at a bank. One day a customer came in to cash a check. I pull up their account and they have enough to cover the check so I cash it for them. Pretty normal transaction. The next day I get called into the office and the manager says he has to let me go because of the check I cashed. I asked why and it turns out there was some sort of computer error and the person did not actually have enough in their account to cover the check. I tried to ask/explain that there was no indication to me whatsoever that I shouldn't have cashed that check, but he just said 'It is what it is, we can't keep you after this." I was pretty unhappy there anyway, so I just left without bothering to try to fight it.


"Was given a job..."

Was given a job that would take 4 weeks to do. Was told to get it done in one week.

I said no way one person can do this in one week. We're going to need 4 people to get this done in that time frame.

We don't have anyone else to spare...get it done.

Can't be done, but I'll try my best. Get it done in two weeks by coming in 2 hours early, working thru my lunch, and staying 5-6 hrs late every day.

Get called into a conference room and told I'm being let go because we missed the deadline and I should have got it done in one week.


"Then they kept putting me..."

I was hired by a comic book store JUST to do back office stuff- vendor returns, supply ordering, etc. Told them in the interview I knew nothing about comics and they assured me I would not be expected to do any comic sales. Then they kept putting me on the sales floor and fired me for not knowing enough about comic books.


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