People Share The One Thing They Absolutely Refuse To Spend Money On

This writer likes to shop. Not only that but I like to try new things, check out gadgets and the rest.

I mean deep down, do not we all a little bit?

Some things though are just off limits to me.

The biggest wallet no-no for me are anything MLM related. Knowing that these schemes only make money for the people who buy in through relentless recruitment and not product sales kills me.

It means the entire business model is conning people desperate to make money into buying into something that isn't actually sustainable unless they're willing to recruit people into pipe dreams too.

I'd rather spend my money on a company that doesn't make me feel morally bankrupt at the end of the day…

Redditor Zociety_ wanted to know the things that make you put your card away with a quickness.

They asked:

What's one thing you refuse to spend money on?"

The responses resonate with most of us…

What’s in a name?

“This is subjective of course but I'll never understand the craze for brands. Spending a lot of money on that 'designer' brand of clothing that looks as generic as streetwear or that latest mobile phone that will be 'stale' the next year when the new version comes out, all so you could show off."

“Some people don't show them off but most people I've seen buy these things just to flaunt them and look rich. Why?"​ Belgianwaffle4444

It’s all about the effort put in…

“Food that I can easily make at home. Buttermilk pancakes, eggs and bacon, plain mac n cheese, spaghetti, most sandwiches, etc. Eating out is expensive and if I'm gonna do it I'd rather get something that's more complicated or annoying to make like lasagna or dumplings."

“Now, there is the exception of if it's a simple dish that's been made into something more complicated. I'll totally eat a plate of lobster mac or a ruben because those dishes are more complicated and are worth more imo." SpaghettiMonster35

In game purchases…

“Lol skins or paid videogame skins, at first I think of them as useless, then as a way to make money out of the game, now I'm completely fine and partially supportive of them, I have some I got for free but I refuse to buy them (unless is to support a developer)."

“Always rock base skin of everything, embracing the ftp and when I'm good enough in a game I love the sense of disbelief when the default skin guy is beating everyone." kiochikaeke

Bad move Hulu…

Hulu/any streaming service with Ads. or cable for that matter. I understand why commercials are necessary but the idea of paying someone to advertise to you is not something I admire. (for the record I do pay for Netflix and Hulu without ads)." purpleIpad

The rug better do something special for that price…

“Designer furniture. Saw a Calvin Klein rug at a store for $4000. Store was only in business for 8 months." MyFiveC3nts


It’s easy to be more eco-friendly.

“Those big bottles of water. I use a filter and run tap water through it. Tastes great, a lot less plastic in the world and I am saving a bunch of money." TheTwist

Yeah, we’ll save our money and donate to something that actually helps people…

​“Susan G Komen what a scam." BloonH8ter

“Their stated purpose is to "raise awareness." Meaning they take donations simply to come around every October and remind us that breast cancer is a thing. That's it." RearEchelon

The latest data that I could find on the salary from the CEO from Susan G Koman was $685,00.00 per year. That data is from 10 years ago (2011-2012). Keep donating, people! The CEO has to buy one of the $4,000 rugs that someone above mentioned." trexcrossing

“I had a coworker that refused to spend money on movies cause she could rent them from the library or she could go in for free since we went to movie theaters. Easy to say when you work at a movie theater lol." OrangePopc0rn

One of these things is not like the other…

Photoshop and cocaine. The two are completely unrelated."​ Hollywood899


Tales from a cheap employer…

​“Food at the restaurant I work at. I give you my time and energy the least you can do is let me have a few scraps." nannerbananers

While we cling to our wallets for these items there are some things worth spending the extra on.

Locally made goods, art, and produce are within that list.

While you may pass on other extras check out your local vendors instead!

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