Viral Video Of Queen Elizabeth Driving Around In A Range Rover At 93 Has The Internet Shook
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Her Majesty the Queen has always been full of surprises, but since the Duke and Duchess announced they were stepping away from their roles as senior royals, it seems England has a lot of surprises in store for viewers there and abroad.

One of the more fun surprises was last Friday, when the Queen was witnessed driving herself in a Range Rover.

The Queen formerly announced in April 2019 she would not be driving on public roads anymore, though she might occasionally be seen driving around their private estate. With all the changes coming to the royal family, however, it seems the Queen changed her mind on the matter, as she was witnessed driving herself in a Range Rover this past Friday.

In a short, eighteen-second video, the Range Rover approached an intersection, where a camera was ready to film the action. The reporter zoomed in on the Queen in the driver's seat.

At the end of the video, she turned left, and the Range Rover went out of sight.

This was her first appearance in public since the Duke and Duchess announced they were stepping down from their senior royal status, and she seemed to handle it quite well.

She was wearing layers of winter clothing, complete with a scarf layered around her neck and head. And she did at least remember to use her turning signal when she turned left at the next intersection.

You can watch the video here:

Onlookers everywhere were surprised at the appearance of the Queen.

Some questioned her ability at the age of 93 to still be driving.

Some validated her, saying she remembered to use her turning signals.

While others joked that she could give herself permission to drive at any time.

Most, however, were the most pleased at the side-eye the Queen is capable of.

She delivered it to the snoopy camera out her window when she came to a stop at the intersection stoplight.

No matter what direction the royal family takes, people must not forget Her Majesty knows her way around a vehicle.

And she proved it during her military service in WWII.

Queen, current title holder for longest reigning monarch in the world and WWII veteran.

We think she can probably do whatever she wants.

The biography, Elizabeth: The Queen and The Crown, is available here.


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