Products That Are Exclusively Marketed To Stupid People

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In the midst of our shopping, we've all seen those warning labels on product packaging that leave us absolutely rolling our eyes. Who could possibly need to be warned about that?

But since the warning exists, we have to assume that someone made that mistake at some point.

There's the added fun of unnecessary products that no one should believe would work.

But just like the directions, there seems to be a marketable need for every product and direction.

Redditor 98_percent_simian asked:

"What product is marketed pretty much exclusively to stupid people?"

Bedroom Enhancers

"Over-the-counter 'man-boosting' products like Nugenix Total-T. Though the commercials are hilarious. 'She'll like it too!' Yeah, I bet she did, Big Frank."

- gganate

Detox Culture

"Foot detox pads. Detox anything, actually."

- pugapooh

Trust Your Body

"It drives me crazy when people talk about how they are going to do a cleanse and detox their digestive system because they have built up sludge."

"It's insane because your digestive system works just fine. If it isn't working, you need to be in the hospital."

- Chickadee12345

Paid Social Media Features

"Every social media’s paid badges. I just don’t get it. Why? Just why do we need to pay for a badge?"

- JacDGzmm

Ulterior Motives

"Megachurch donations that are advertised to bring you salvation or other holy benefits."

- cmpzak

Conspiracy Theories

"5G blockers."

"My friend's mother had her house painted with 5g blocking paint inside and out. She then got s**tty about her mobile not getting a signal and her WiFi not working properly."

"What did she think the paint was blocking?! Honestly, I'm surprised it did anything."

- animuscreeps

MLM Culture

"I've had people attempt to rope me in before. The trick is that they spent hours roping you into the idea of 'working for yourself,' 'being your own boss,' 'affording for your family,' and 'living wealthy.' Pain points that any common American would typically have."

"They make you go through meetings, 'interviews,' and continually feed you the mentality and never actually mention the name of the company or what the actual business is."

"Until finally, after forever, they drop the Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, or whatever name. By that point, they've already sold you on the 'dream' that you convince yourself to try and put in the work."

"I've looked up definitions and excerpts about what brainwashing is. It literally felt like the same thing."

- BeckQuillion89

Headache Relief

"'HeadOn. Apply directly to the forehead. HeadOn. Apply directly to the forehead. HeadOn. Apply directly to the forehead.'"

"The ad never even says what HeadOn is supposed to actually do. It's supposed to relieve headaches, but they couldn't claim that because they have absolutely no proof of it maybe working."

- Kazeto

Essential Oils

"Essential Oils, not for the aromas, that’s all well and good but for its 'healing properties.' It’s sad when people become vehemently ill and rely on lavender to heal them or their children."

"Bunch of sad stories of children dying due to moronic parents believing in the powers of some plant over modern medicine."

- Pears_and_Peaches

Diet Culture

"Fat loss everything."

- Frost_Giant_14

Got Fight Milk?

"Fight Milk. I drink it every morning so I can fight like a cow."

- gamesfordogs

Questionable Movement

"I'm thinking Scientology."

- BronzeHeart92

Gambling Opportunities

"When I go to Eastern Europe on vacation, there are mini-casinos on every corner. Sports betting, slot machines, etc. The middle-aged men in these clubs, frantically smoking cigarettes, hopelessly staring at the screens, with not an ounce of life in their eyes."

"Not sure if it's stupidity or desperation. But it's a sad sight to see."

- goaelephant

Inaccurate Results

"Online free IQ tests."

- BeefHouse11

Vacation Points

"Vacation Club 'points' (worse than a timeshare because it's nothing tangible)."

"My FIL offered to 'use points' to book us a vacation years back. He bought the points as a flex in front of his BIL and thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread."

"Fast forward about two months after purchase and he makes his offer to cover a trip for us with some of the points. What he failed to mention/realize is that the points were for the ROOM ONLY."

"So as we started looking into the 'trip' being offered we realized not only would we have to pay for our flights but we would have to pay the all-inclusive fee at over 100 dollars each/per day. When we mentioned this he told us we would have to cover it because 'they cost too many points.'"

"So I did the math and hopped on Expedia to show him I could get the same trip for over 1000 dollars less when I just booked it online without the points. He REFUSED to believe this was possible until he tried to book his own trips with the points and ended up getting hosed. The look on his face when he tried to 'sell the points' (which the salesperson assured him would go for more than he paid for them if he decided to sell) was priceless."

"I bet you already guessed that the only 'customers' for the points are the company that sold them in the first place and they buy them back for pennies on the dollar." - YKYB

Some of these products and ideas have been around for a long time and continue to interest new consumers. But as some here have pointed out, the products are more about putting on a good appearance than actually delivering results.

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