Jesus said "Love thy Neighbor," but Jesus didn't have to live with mine.

Who amongst us hasn't been saddled with a less than desirable person to commune with on the daily?

Or who among us is that neighbor? Some neighbors make you doubt humanity in their downright obnoxious, petty nonsense.

The way people can behave in the cul-de-sac makes "Desperate Housewives" look like a Disney cartoon.

Redditoru/Collins71514wanted to get the dish on everybody's neighborhood dramas by asking... What's the most petty thing a neighbor has done to you?

I've mostly been blessed with great neighbors, well, quiet neighbors, which is what makes them great. Unlike one of my best friends who's daily wars with her neighbor, who blasts all sorts of music day in and day out, should be a sitcom. And when she calls the police, he finds petty ways to make her life miserable. Small gestures that just say... I suck.

Low Life

neighbors GIFGiphy

"Stole the windshield wipers off of my car. I caught him on a security camera stealing them one night."

"Next day I went over to his house and told that some low life stole my damn wipers. The look he gave me was priceless, don't think he liked me calling him a low life. After I told him I had him on video he goes fine take them back and that was the last time I spoke to him."

- snoozer854

Keys to the Suite

"A dorm neighbor was a huge fool and didn't care for anyone in the suite. So he did something like tip over his sub woofer, turn the music up and left for the weekend. The entire crew could feel it from our beds. I guess he didn't know that RA's have keys to the rooms. Maybe he also didn't know that you could get ejected from dorms."

- GirlsPMYourSpreadA

The Worst of the Worst

"Lived in a neighborhood for about a year that was also home to one of the city council members. This witch would send notices to everyone for anything she didn't like and she'd try and sway the council to crack down on those she deemed the "worst" offenders."

"We earned a spot at the top of her craplist because we put our garbage cans at the curb in the afternoon rather than the evening. None of us were going out after dark and dealing with rats springing out of the cans like tiny, flea-ridden missiles. We didn't stop because legally, we weren't doing anything wrong."

"She was a stickler for making the neighborhood look fabulous even though most of the houses were in crappy condition and as mentioned earlier, the entire city had (probably still has) a really bad rat problem. So every week, we'd get a new notice from her, though she always tried to say it was from the council as a collective. Yes, she hand delivered that crap."

- rarestereocats

He's Harmless...

"Wacko neighbor was convinced that we had stolen his lawnmower. Of course we didn't. He ranted and raved about this but we just tuned him out because we thought he was a harmless crackhead.

One day he comes over in a panic and asks to borrow our lawnmower because his landlord was coming and if the lawn wasn't mowed, he'd be evicted."

"At the time we lived on a dead end street with six houses, what was the harm? He mowed his lawn then promptly hid it in his back shed and denied ever borrowing it. Before it could escalate to anything, he was arrested and we got our lawnmower back."

- Itsjustmeagainmom

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The Skimmer!

neighbors GIFGiphy

"I had an a**hole neighbor who would skim the dead bugs, dead frogs, and debris from his pool and dump them in my yard."

"I found out when I head a 'tap tap tap' noise and looked over to see him reaching his pool skimmer over his fence to knock the rotting stuff into my yard.

So later when I found dog crap in my yard, I picked it up with a shovel and yeeted it over the fence into his pool."

- FansForFlorida

See... people are crazy. You can't be sure who is dwelling beside you. That's why it's a prickly situation to call out the neighbors. Let's see who else is suffering.


Wtf GIF by Where's My Challenge?Giphy

"Stole my trash bin because theirs got repossessed for lack of payment. Dumb a**es thought I wouldn't know it was them. Trash collection company took my old trash bin away from them, gave me a brand new one, and gave me a credit for having to deal with all this bullcrap."

- abguy19

Have we even met?

"I had a neighbor, who I had never met, continue to throw dead animal carcasses in my yard. This went on for several months. Rabbit. Rabbit. Possum. Squirrel. Raccoon. You name it. One day, I witnessed him doing it and this was how I determined who was actually performing this strange act. He was probably in his 60's. He opened his garage door, walked out with a pitchfork and something dead on it, then proceeded to yuck it in my front lawn."

"I waited until that night, picked it up and hurled it onto his car's windshield.

He never did it again. My other neighbor, who I eventually met, said he had some feud with the previous owner of my house. I guess he never realized I wasn't the guy he feuded with."

- sump___erson

I Noticed

"We had our lot assessed and they put stakes in the ground on the property line. She pulled them up and moved them two inches over. It was very noticeable because they also made a small spray painted line along the stakes. I guess she didn't think we would notice that the stakes were no longer on the line."

- discostud1515


"My neighbhor would put on house music at loud volume (for his stereo) then leave for the night. It was mildly annoying in certain parts of my home.

So I bought some cerwin vega 15s, and played the same song back. Literally the same song, over and over and over..while I went on vacation for 4 days.

I'm not sure who was the bigger fool but we both stopped doing it after that."

"Later when he was throwing a party he asked if he could use my speakers cause "they loud af".

Edit: whoa lots of love!!!

For anyone wondering they were AT100s like these. Vega makes good ish. Highly recommend."

- Syst0us

Still Salty

Salty GIF by memecandyGiphy

"I was at this neighbourhood treasure hunt when I was around 11. It was in a big park with lot of trees and rocks, parking lot and a community centre next to it. Me and my neighbours kid both figured out final clue and sprinted towards the finish, only for me to 'accidentally' bumped by his dad and fall.

Still salty about it till this day."

- f__h

My Land

"He's salty about a land survey that was done decades before I moved in. We have a decent neighborly relationship in general, but when I moved in he tried to convince me that a whole section of my yard was his. Fortunately, the previous owner had warned me he might try this.

Now we rent the house out. Every time a new tenant moves in, he walks the property with them and tries to move the property line again. Very petty, and so consistent!"

- pachatacha

Thank the Storm

"Our neighbors CONSTANTLY complained for like 2 years about a tree in the back yard that looked like it was going to fall. They threatened to sue us if it did. Thing is, the tree was clearly on their property. Like by 5 feet."

"Then one day during a strong storm, a huge, seemingly strong & healthy tree, smack dab in the middle of their front yard blows over onto their house. We went over the next day and helped them cut it up & remove it. They could barely make eye contact with us & never said thank you. They did shut up about the other tree though, that's still standing to this day."

- Prossdog

Sandra Sucks

"I had a neighbor who literally thought she owned the actual street and had some big beef with my landlord (she'd sued him several times for things that never made any sense)."

"My landlord installed cameras because she took him to court so often and he needed proof that she was making stuff up.

She would mark down the time that I or any friends of mine arrived at or left my house and would sit in her driveway watching us.

Once, my landlord was going out of town and told me I was welcome to use his grill and have friends over (he lived next door to me). I did so, inviting maybe 5 friends, max, and we had a nice, mellow cook out. No loud music, no drunken debauchery or anything like that."

"True to form, the nosy neighbor called my landlord and told him that she was calling her lawyer and threatening legal action over our small party. Thankfully my landlord had footage of our gathering and deemed it all totally fine and completely within the bounds of what he'd invited me to do.

She sucked. Freak you, Sandra."

- Violinist-Rich

It's US!

"We were sort of that neighbor a few years ago. We were in the process of building our new house and had everything staked out before any of the groundwork started. I guess our neighbor thought we were too close to their property and had some city official come out to measure and in the process delayed our contractor.

Turns out we were 1 foot further away from their property than necessary and so, without even bothering to ask, our annoyed contractor picked up all the stakes and moved them 1 foot closer to the neighbor."

- RxHumdinger

"too close to her fence"

"There was a big grassy park in the middle of our cul-de-sac that she insisted she owned entirely. It was part owned by every house. She would leave nasty notes on cars parked on the grass, cars parked "too close to her fence," and yelled at my husband and I when we were lighting fireworks on the beach a good 10' away from her house (they were little dinky things that definitely burned out before they got anywhere near her property). She sucked."

- MinagiV

Clean Up!

"People in the building were complaining that he didn't pick up after his dog. All of the apartments except mine were accessible behind a security door. Mine opened right onto the porch.

One day I came home from work and saw he wrote this HUGE note in thick Sharpie that said, "Clean up after your dog!"

He must have told the neighbors it was me, and left that note so that they could all see it really was me. To prove his point.

Except it wasn't me. It was him."

- waterbottlejesus

So Loud!

dance neighbors GIFGiphy

"My neighbors play loud music and yell at each other quite frequently. Recently they realized they can turn the stereo into a PA and now scream obscenities at each other through the microphone. Lovely."

- ThisIsNotWorkingOut

Tree Down

"He had a tree in his yard that threw a lot of shade on my side, which eventually killed everything that was growing there. So I spent a lot of time and money to plant a beautiful shade garden. He watched me the entire time, asking questions about the plants and how much they cost. The following spring, he cut the freaking tree down."

- darkpixie1

Water People

"Water people were out checking meters. Water guy asked me where our meter was - showed him where it was at.

Buttpicker neighbor comes out of his house hollering to the world that was HIS METER and I was not to touch it. We shared the in-ground meter thingie, two separate meters. Water guy had a good laugh and instructed the neighbor that it was indeed where my meter was, neighbor was embarrassed at his own behavior and went back into his house but watched us for a bit.

They were sort of weird. Always remember that they smelled like dirty bedsheets. #andersonisland"

- frenchkids

Leave the Birds

Birds Chickens GIF by Real Food RNGiphy

"Poison the area where she knew our chickens grazed. Right at the fence line, on our side. And yes, one of our chickens died because of that.

Edit: We only owned hens, not roosters."

- HoloF0X

What happened to the days where people brought over apple pies with the welcome wagon? Did they ever exist? Neighbors can be sketchy so... get security cameras. Lesson learned

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