People Share Their 'Damn, I Need To Stop Drinking' Experiences

Drinking is fun for awhile when you're younger, but as you get older and older, it stops being so fun. One glass of wine could easily equal a headache the next day. Two drinks and you might have a full blown hangover. In addition to that, the toll alcohol takes on your cognitive function is immense.

It can be very hard to work day to day while dealing with an alcohol problem, and some people find that it becomes necessary to cut the substance out of their life altogether, but not before they find themselves in some very strange and difficult situations.

Redditor u/MemesNoMods asked:

"Ex drinkers of Reddit, what was your 'Damn I need to stop' moment?"

Here were some of those stories.

A Strange Loop

"Anxiety made me drink to excess. Hangovers made me so anxious I could barely function even after the normal symptoms went away."

"So, I drank to kill the anxiety. Then I got anxious about it. So I drank to kill the anxiety. Then I got anxious about it. I've been cutting down to a point where 'just a couple' is actually 2."

"It's a work in progress."-CowboyFleeborg

So Young For Such Damage

"I threw up every morning and passed out drunk every night for about 3 years. At the end of it I was throwing up blood and my eyes turned yellow."

"I had a fatty liver and my plan was to keep drinking until I got cirrhosis and then I'd kill myself. At some point I started hearing things and getting the shakes so bad by 5pm that I couldn't send texts. I was only 23 at the time."

"I got fired from my job for showing up drunk too many times, and at 10 am I went to a liquor store and bought a half gallon of the cheapest vodka they had."

"Didn't tell anyone I got fired for like 3 days. Something in me just broke. I kept looking down the hole and thinking, if I go to the hospital I can't drink there. I can't interview for jobs anymore because I can't be drunk for those. I can't continue to exist without money, and I'm already in debt."

"I wouldn't admit to anyone what was wrong, even though they knew. Somehow my mom made me an appointment to see a therapist, and that was the first time I ever admitted my issue."

"It felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders, and I was happy. I told my parents first, then my friends. My friend Kenny gave me this book called 'The Power of Now; by Eckhart Tolle while I smoked like 300 cigarettes on the porch of my house. Poured out all of my liquor and went to rehab to check myself in."

"It's been about 8 years since then, and I haven't drank since."-fukitimout

A Legacy To Outrun

"It was a long process that involved me slowly realizing that every time I drank i did something i didn't like myself for. I used alcohol as a tool to hurt myself, and i used it as an excuse to act on my worst emotions."

"There were no good or fun times i had while drunk that wouldn't have been just as good or better without alcohol. I'd have a sh*t day at work, go home and drink about it, wake up with a hangover, have a sh*t day at work..."

"My family or my partner would do something to upset me, I'd drink about it, and become explosively angry, usually ending up with me breaking sh*t and passing out. Wake up the next day feeling horrible physically and so embarrassed that I'd acted that way."

"My parents were both lifelong alcoholics and my mother has wet brain--alcohol induced psychosis. She has no idea who I am. She is only 52 years old and she doesn't recognize me. I can't end up like that. I have 5 months sober under my belt. And i have today."-Impressive_Raisin_74

Alcohol is a hard, deadly drug that can really mess up someone both physically and mentally.

A Wake-Up Call

"High school GF hadn't seen me for a few years and bluntly told me i looked like sh*t and need to take better care of myself."

"She was super into me all through HS so I went over expecting to get laid, and instead got brutally rejected. Boozing hard really piled on the weight for me."

"Quit cold turkey and redirected that energy into eating clean and hitting the gym. When I got the urge to get intoxicated, I went to a 24H gym and would run until the urge passed."-S_Steiner_Accounting

A Choice Ahead

"It stopped being fun. There just wasn't any pleasure in it any more. I'd get buzzed, or even a little drunk, and just... not enjoy it."

"Plus, I was starting to see that bigger problems were right around the corner. It was just starting to impact my relationship, my health, my motivation, etc, and I realized I was kind of at a fork in the road."-flipper_babies

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A Fateful Breathlyzer

"I hit a traffic cone with my vehicle. Someone called the cops. I blew over three times the legal limit and barely remember my encounter with the police."

"Upon my release from jail they gave me a machine that I had to blow into three times a day. This machine sent a signal to the county telling them whether or not I'd been drinking."

"I drank again and failed this test and was thrown back in jail. I hate being in jail and had my last drink on June 10th, 2017. I am forever grateful to the prosecuting attorney for forcing me to blow into that machine."

"If I hadn't have had to do that I probably wouldn't have stopped drinking. I'm 30 but I feel that there's a high chance that I'd be dead or in prison right now if I had kept on drinking."

"Me staying sober from alcohol, and hard drugs for that matter, is one of my most important achievements in life. My life is different but so much better abstaining from alcohol."-delcampo1

It Will Just Burn Through

"I started drinking at 24, and it turns out that it takes way more than normal to get me drunk. Since I've never gotten drunk with other people I didn't have any perspective on what was a normal or healthy amount to drink, and ended up drinking a fifth of vodka mixed with soda most evenings."

"I never got sick or hungover from this. One day I thought I'd have a little extra fun and I drank a pint of vodka in addition to my usual fifth, went to bed feeling fine, and woke up to find that the sheer volume of alcohol I put through my body destroyed part of my stomach lining."

"I was in complete agony for a month and couldn't eat, drink, or sleep for more than a few hours a day. Even when I did recover I ended up with vitamin deficiencies from the damage to my stomach that caused severe neurological issues mimicking MS. That was five years ago as of next week, and I still have no intentions of drinking again."-ntruncata

The trouble with alcohol is it is one of the most social substances that we consume as a society, and the pressure to drink is far too often greater than we give it credit for.

Oh The Fights

"There were many drunken nights that I angered and embarrassed those closest to me. Even put many in danger while driving absolutely hammered."

"The one moment for me was, I was a +1 at a wedding my girlfriend was a bridesmaid in. I was mixing Xanax and whiskey to kill my nerves. Barely knew anyone there aside from my gf (her family was also there for this) but by the end of the night everyone knew me and most certainly not in the best way."

"Me and the gf had a verbal blowout outside the reception and once it felt like all eyes were on me I hoofed it home 5 miles and was barely able to walk the next day."

"Blacking out and sh*tting myself 4 months earlier should have been the wake up call but the downward spiral persisted."

"Coincidentally I've been having a really hard f**king week mentally and have felt very close to relapse but hopefully this reflection on why I got sober will keep me on track."

"I'll be 3 years this September. Me and the gf are also going strong and I'm so grateful she didn't quit on me cuz there's no doubt I could very easily quit on myself…."-SleepyDragon76

It's Hardest When It Doesn't Show

"It wasn't any one event but the realisation that I've been daily drinking quite heavily for 26 years - since I was 13. I could easily drink a crate of beers and chase down a bottle of my whiskey in an evening."

"Many drunken episodes, too many blackouts, too many times asking myself, 'what happened last night?'"

"Lockdowns came and my drinking increased. Would stay up as late as I could - still had to function in some sense the next day and couldn't have zero sleep - and when I couldn't stay up any later to get to the level of drunk I needed, I just started drinking earlier and earlier through the day."

"I'd make excuses like, eating the left over Thai dinner at 11am justifies beers because the food is spicy."

"I come from a family of alcoholics and was borderline a functional alcoholic myself. That was my problem too - being a functional drunk. No random violence, no police trouble. Just massive harm to myself instead, physically and mentally."

"Finally said enough is enough and am coming up on 6 months dry."-bangkockney

It Makes You Useless

"I was a binge drinker and it was a problem. But I always just wrote it off as letting off some steam and having a good time."

"Then one night I got the drunk munchies and threw chicken nuggets in the oven at like 3am and promptly passed out. Filled the house with smoke."

"My wife was screaming at me. I know that there wasn't any danger of burning the house down since the oven is pretty self contained but the idea that I tried to cook anything while blackout drunk was for whatever reason the final straw."

"I couldn't get the image of causing a fire and not being physically able to help my family out of my head. Haven't had a drink since."-I_Do_Not_Know_What

There you have it. Some people never truly have a moment like this with alcohol because they just got lucky--they have managed to be either in control of their substance usage or they just haven't needed to be because they aren't predisposed to an issue.

But if you ever find yourself having moments like this with alcohol, you are not alone. In fact, you're in great company.