People Share Their Craziest Near-Death Experiences

People Share Their Craziest Near-Death Experiences

Near-death experiences are fascinating enough to have captured the attention of many people over the years. Television specials about them were fairly popular on the 90's and 00's.

Some people experience a feeling of euphoria, or extreme calm, or just don't remember anything at all.

The circumstances that find people rapidly approaching death's door can be fascinating as well though, even when they don't experience any supernatural-seeming situations.

Reddit user inflake_ asked folks at r/AskReddit about their near-death experiences:

"What are some of the near-death experience you faced?"


I had one just yesterday. For context, I work at a car dealership. I had just picked up a car from a local auction house and was doing about 80 in a 75 down the highway. As I was going over a bridge in the lane closest to the edge of the bridge, a huge and also dead/dried up Christmas tree flies out of this truck ahead of me.

I obviously swerve very quickly into the shoulder and one of my back tires is in the air with the whole car about to flip. I somehow managed to reel it back in and gain control of the car again. If I had lost it and the car had flipped like it almost did, I would've gone over the edge of that bridge and I don't want to think about what would've happened to me.



Last summer i went camping in a small island in Greece with some friends. Some time after we landed we met a group of girls, but didn't meet again for a couple of days. One night we decide to go to a club so we change things up, since we were stuck to mainstream camping stuff. I got pretty f***ed up and on the way back to our tends i pass out, fall on a parked motorcycle, and the glass bottle i was holding breaks in my hands cutting 2 arteries.

My friends were stunned and couldn't act at their best, since they were drunk as well (not as much as me though). Out of nowhere the group of girls we met at the beginning recognize us and start helping me. It was like some trained drill. Apparently most of them were training for these type of cases. I eventually went to an underfunded hospital, after an ambulance arrived 1 hour later. I think its safe to say it could've been much worse.



I had a rock thrown at me, split my skull open, lost enough blood that it put me in hospital for half a year. Had to learn how to walk properly again as my muscles had wasted away from being in a bed for so long.

According to my mother, she knew exactly where I got hit because you could follow the trail of blood to where I got hit to my front door. The worst part? I was an "indoors kid", so my mum was so thankful for me being outside that when i banged on the door to be let in, i got a hearty "f**k off". I collapsed against the door and that's why she opened it.



I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that was connected to my lung and chest. When they did surgery to remove it, i flatlined twice on the operation table and again after the procedure was done. But to me it felt like i was in a dream. I was talking to someone about my life and what he said to me was 'i know you're tired but it's time to go back'. When i woke up it was a few days later and i found out i was put in a medicine induced coma to keep me from flatlining again. To this day, that man and our conversation still creeps me out.



It was more what I felt than what I saw. I almost drowned my first time white water rafting. I started out panicked, as is expected, until I realized I was truly stuck in a rapid with a raft and 4 other people on top of me that wasn't moving. At that point I honestly just gave up and started to taking on water, eventually starting to black out. My world got quiet and peaceful and my whole body got really warm. I was almost out completely when somebody jumped into the water and frantically kicked me out from under the raft.

I've spent a lot of time trying to get back to that level of serenity I experienced that day through meditation, but have never been able to feel that since then.



I was walking in the yard with my dad when I was like 10 years old. It was raining like hell but we had to get something from the shed, I don't remember what.

Lightning struck the grass maybe 5 meters in front of us.

Safe to say I don't like lightening anymore.



I almost drowned twice. Not super fun. Not much to say other than river + me + not able to keep head above water consistently = a bit traumatic.

The second time was as an adult river rafting. I fell out in a dangerous stretch of river. Couldn't seem to get any progress away from the rapids. I had resigned that I was likely going to die before the main boat caught up to me and got a paddle for me to grab on. I hadn't properly adjusted my life jacket so every time I got up for air my head was a floating a few inches lower than it should have and my gasps were met with the top of a wave.

Anyways I get back to the raft, humbled by the river and frankly terrified to get back in. We got to a big slow moving stretch and the boat captain(?) said, "I'm not going to pressure you to get back in, but if you don't do it now you will probably be too scared to swim for the rest of your life" and so against my better judgement I hopped back in.

I still swim on occasion but if even the slightest drop of water gets in my snorkel while snorkeling its pretty much an instant anxiety attack.



I burned in a gas explosion in August 2014. When I woke up 4 months later in hospital, I knew without anyone telling me that I crossed the boundary between life and death. The doc later confirmed that they did in fact, lose me during one of the operations, but I resurfaced.

I have recovered almost completely, against all odds, but I can no longer smell or taste much, and my eyesight and hearing are not great anymore, and I can no longer be in the sun.

I still wonder about my experience when I "died".



Ex and I were chilling in the lounge at her parent's house in winter and had the gas heater on. both fell asleep and when the movie ended she said we must go to bed and I wanted to just sleep down there with her (weren't allowed to sleep in the same bed you see so I thought I could get away with the couch) and she said we cant and pushed me upstairs.

I woke up the next morning to the house smelling like gas cause we had closed the lounge door without turning the heater off and it had burnt off all the oxygen and gone out so filled the room with propane.
would have never woken up if she hadn't told me to go to bed.



A few years ago I was in a workplace accident that nearly killed me by a slow crushing. Time just seemed to slow down, all my senses seemed to get a lot sharper all of a sudden, lights were brighter, sound was louder, smells were stronger and a sense of hopelessness overcame me because there was nothing I could do to escape the situation, I thought I was either going to die or was going to be snapped in half and left a paraplegic, all I could think about was my daughter. Luckily neither of those things happened as the person operating the peice of machinery that was crushing me noticed that it was going at a slower rate then usual and stopped it to check why. It left me unable to walk properly without pain for about 6 months but I'm fine now.


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